The Importance of Nutrition!

Nutrition Month

During the month of March, I focused on going into the second grade classroom focusing on teaching healthy eating habits. I also made a display in the middle school to demonstrate that nutrition is more than just eating good foods. Going into the classrooms and making displays is a good way for the students to get to know who I am as well as for me to get to see them in other ways then just when they don’t feel good or need a band-aid.

I first introduced the new MyPlate to the kids.  MyPlate is a new approach to the food pyramid and research has shown that kids are understanding how it works better than the MyPyramid. Seeing the visual of a plate and how it should look like gives a better envision of how much should go on our plates. During my presentation, I wanted kids to see that eating healthy can be fun, and that finding healthy alternatives for snacks is fun and easy, too!  I think the second grade classes from both Orange City and  Hospers Elementary enjoyed it. If you would like more information on the MyPlate program, or want some helpful tips on eating healthy on a budget email me at

Looking at nutrition doesn’t only mean eating the right foods it also means drinking the right drinks. At the middle school, I made a display case for all the students to look at how much sugar is some of the beverages that our teens are drinking. I think they where surprised when they saw how many tablespoons of sugar really goes into their favorite drinks.  Even  some sports drinks that replenish our electrolytes are packed with large quantities of sugar. Sometimes having that visual of the quantity of sugar makes it easier to resist drinking them at all.

I am excited to think of more fun ways to get into the classroom to teach more on nutrition and other health information!