Baker’s STAR

This month’s character topic is RESPECT.  RESPECT isn’t something you just get, like a new pair of shoes.  Respect is something that you earn though your words and actions.

  • Think of a student in your class/grade that you respect.  What does that person say and/or do that makes you respect him/her?
  • Think about students that are leaders in the classroom, in sports, in music, and/or just in the way they talk and interact with others.  These students are probably very respectful, and they positively influence those around them.

We want to celebrate students who show RESPECT every day, positively affecting themselves and others. In order to identify those students, please post a comment using the following bullet points as your guide:

  • NAME of any student in 7th grade that you RESPECT.  (first name, last initial) Remember this blog can be seen anywhere, so be aware of internet safety and do not post the person’s full name.  
  • IDENTIFY when, where and how you have seen this person show RESPECT
  • and HOW it has positively impacted you or another person.

29 Responses to Baker’s STAR

  1. Erika S. says:

    I appreciate how Zuleyka R is always positive, yet she stays on task. She is always respectful towards others and things. She is also always trying to help others become more respectful. She is always picking up her trash, and leaving no trace. She always listens to the rules and follows them. She is very respectful.

  2. Alexa R says:

    I feel like Amanda H. has shown respect in many ways. She is very encouraging and is willing to help anyone if they need help. In sports no matter if someone loses a point or makes a bad play she builds them up and tells them that they can get it next time. She does her best in everything she does and she is a very good role model.

  3. Jorge A says:

    Micah DJ. He is always finishing his work on time and being respectful to others and looks to others before himself

  4. Cale T says:

    Antonio B is very respectful. He never makes fun of anyone. He is always talking positively. In P.E. he is always trying his best. In track and field he does good. He is always laughing and smiling.

  5. Sophee P. says:

    One person I have seen show respect is Shanna R. She respects all people and never leaves anyone left out. She is a good leader and is nice to everyone. Shanna includes everyone in activities and is a good role model to people around her. Shanna also puts others first instead of herself. Shanna also is a positive influence towards other people.

  6. Allison k says:

    Neriah H., She listens to what other people has to say. She gives respect and once she does people give respect back. So when she is respectful to me, I will respect her. I Liston to her and see what SHE has to say. If i disagree, Iwill polity tell her that.

  7. Aryana D says:

    I think that Julie P. is respectful. I think she is respectful because in class she listens to the teacher and in music she is a great player and asks for help if she needs it. She also listens to you to get done talking before she talks, or another words she doesn’t interrupt. It has impacted me to be good role model and to do the same throughout my everyday life. I think she impacts the people around her greatly by sharing her musical talent and by being overall kind to everyone she comes across. Overall Julie P. is a very positive role model to everyone, and she is very respectful to everyone.

  8. Caden B says:

    Luke K. I give Luke my respect because he is very respectful to others and teachers. He never talks back but he is very nice and encouraging. He in others images is a role model. He never tries to hurt anyone and is very polite by putting others in front of himself. He is always thinking of what he can do to help other people. Luke is very good at sports and always gives his best in everything. Sports, School, Other activities, etc. So he in my image is a star model and is a role model in and out of school or at his house.

  9. Elijah H says:

    Antonio B is a very thoughtful and respectful and kind person. He runs in cross country and is always trying his hardest to be kind in his words and actions. I have seen that he helps build people up when they are down, Helps them get their stuff when they dropped it, and is a very positive person.

  10. Zuleyka R says:

    Julie P, when I saw Julie being respectful was during band when I asked her for help on a note she would help me. Julie has shown respect in many different ways like during band, in the class, outside of school. Her attitude has impacted a lot of people, if they are feeling down and they might make bad choices because they are down Julie helps them to be respectful themselves. She has helped me to show respect to teachers and classmates.

    • Ashlyn G. says:

      I feel like Aryana D. shows respect. I think that because she never trys to put people down. She always is talking to people know matter who they are. She is always saying thank you to a teacher hen she leaves a room.

  11. Jackson VDB says:

    I saw Caiden M showing respect in sports. He is a good leader in sports and he encourages people. I like how he can bring you up if you are having a bad day and he always has a smile on his face. He has a good sense of humor too.

  12. John V.W. says:

    Brayden, M
    When some one drops there stuff he will help them pick it up. It helps me have respect for him and other people. When he talks to people they listen and respect him.

  13. Julie P says:

    Emma S is respectful to me and other people. I see her show respect to teachers by not talking when other people are. I see her show respect to her classmates by giving them a smile or saying something positive to them in the hallway or one of her classes. She also shows respect to her coaches in the sports she plays by listening to the coach when they are giving directions. I think she is very respectful to pretty much everyone she meets.

  14. Ashlyn G. says:

    I feel like Julie P. shows respect. I think that she is respectful because even if you make a mistake she will tell you but in a nice way. With sports and music she tells you if you made a mistake to make up better not to put you down.

  15. Kai M says:

    I respect Luke K because he helps people when they don’t understand something. It has positively impacted me because I had trouble understanding somethings in different classes and he helped me.

  16. Brock F says:

    I think Nik W is probably the student I respect most when it comes to doing whats right and leading others. I think he listens very well and is always there when I need help with homework especially geography. He also is a god role model in the classroom and it seems like he is always doing the right thing. Thanks Nik for the help with geo and being a good role model.

  17. David H says:

    One person who stands out to me is John VW. He is always respectful and kind to others around him. he is always being positive even something bad happens too him. Also he dosen’t complain when something doesen’t go his way.

  18. Cody A says:

    Antonio B is a kind and friendly person. He is always listening in class and when he is told to do something he does it. He always has a good attitude about everything. He is always trying his hardest to get his work.

  19. Kooper H says:

    Kady H has been a great romodel to the young kids and older kids. she helps the kids that need help. she will always be kind to those around her.

  20. Erika S. says:

    I think that John VW is very respectful. He is always listening and following the rules. He is never a distraction and he is always on top of his work.He is also always doing his best.

  21. Shanna R says:

    Leah H. is always doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. She always has a good attitude towards everything she dose. Leah will help anybody anytime they need it and cares how you feel. She gives everybody respect and they give her respect back which is one of her best qualities. She is so funny which puts smiles on other peoples faces which which makes people happy even on the worst days.

  22. Amanda H says:

    I see Alexa being respectful to all types of people. She is a positive leader and a great role model. Alexa is respectful to people when they need help with something and never lets them feel down about themselves. She is always lifting others up. Whenever I see her helping others, she isn’t rude to them or disrespectful either. Thank you for being a good role model towards others!

  23. AntonioB says:

    Eli H because when I need to know something like cross country he tells me if we have a meet sometimes when I don’t know if their is or not. He is always nice and he likes to tell jokes about stuff and he is almost always their for me. He is always nice to people and he likes to be funny.

  24. Cale T says:

    Micah D is a very nice kid. He is always so nice. He is always playing with people outside and always participating in everything. He shows respect by cheering for people in P.E. and always follows along.

  25. Evan T says:

    The person that stands out to me the most is John VW. He is very responsible and quiet but he is still a good kid. He dose not get in trouble. He dose a lot of good things. Also he works really hard.

  26. Allison k says:

    Teylor D, She helps people in so many ways. She is always positive. She will ask you questions. She is polite and is never mean. She picks up what you drop. She gives you what you need. She understands when you don’t. She is a good respectful friend.

  27. Aryana D. says:

    I think Amanda H. shows respect to herself and others by helping them if they need help or just by overall being nice. I also think that she helps people who are hurting or she just builds them up.

  28. Amanda H says:

    I think Nevaeh S. is very respectful to others. She is always smiling and I think that makes others happy too. Nevaeh is a positive leader and a great role model. She helps others without a bad attitude. When Nevaeh is told to be partners with someone that she may not exactly like, she is always respectful to them. She always gets her homework done on time too. when I see her helping others, she isn’t rude or disrespectful to them. Thanks for being a good role model to others!

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