Baker’s STAR

This month’s character topic is CHOICES.  In the book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J.K. Rowling reminds us of the importance of choices through the character of Dumbledore who tells Harry, “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

Our choices define who we are, and who we are choosing to become.  This month we would like to celebrate the students of character who define themselves through their good choices.  Their choices not only define them, but they impact others in a positive way.  These students are role models, and we should want to follow where they lead.

In order to acknowledge these students and the good choices that they are making, please post a comment using the following bullet points as your guide:

  • NAME any student in 7th grade that you know has made a GOOD CHOICE.          (first name, last initial) Remember this blog can be seen anywhere, so be aware of internet safety and do not post the person’s full name.  
  • IDENTIFY what GOOD CHOICE you witnessed this person making.
  • EXPLAIN how it positively defined the person who made the choice.
  • Finally, DEFEND how that choice positively impacted you or another person. (How was this person a role model to you – even if they didn’t know it?)

25 Responses to Baker’s STAR

  1. Caden B says:

    Jorge A.
    -He actually became my friend while no one else wanted to be my friend. He makes choices that help me become a better friend and he sometimes helps me with my homework. He really made me a better friend.

  2. Kooper H. says:

    I think Brock F. makes good decisions, because he would tell me not to do something that could get me hurt or in really big trouble. He would make a good decisions in his school work because he tries is best and his school work comes before his activities.

  3. Caeleigh W. says:

    Leah H.
    Leah has always made a good choice by chosing to have positivity around everyone. She also made the choice not just to be with her friends and goes plays volleyball with different people even if she doesn’t know them. Leah spreads positivity to those around her. Leah’s positivity has made me feel better when I have a bad day.

  4. Jorge A says:

    I think that Caiden Moss has made good choices sometimes I see him lending people a pencil and sometimes he helps people when their struggling in math or something one time he helped me understand what something meant I think he makes good decisions

  5. Aryana D. says:

    Madison T.
    I think Madison T. makes good choices. Madison doesn’t try to draw attention to herself, and she is fun to be around. People don’t often notice small things but even if Madison doesn’t make it big she still tries to be the best person she can be. Her positive behaviors and choices have impacted me to do the small things and not try to be super worried about it being made known. I can help others make right choices without doing something in a big way. Thanks Madison for making good choices!

  6. John V.W. says:

    Connor O.
    You make good choices during the school day. I remember when you helped some one up after they fell in activity. It helped that person get back up when they were hurt. This helped me to realize that I can help people to.

  7. Cale T says:

    The person I choose is John VW because I see him laughing with other people and being very nice. He is very funny and can be serious sometimes. He impacted me by being a nicer person. It should make other people be nice and get a good laugh in.

  8. Elijah Hoey says:

    I think that Dylan McF is a really cool dude because he is kind, considerate, and helpful. He knows plenty of jokes, and is always trying to be the very best, like no one ever was.
    He always knows what to do to make people smile and laugh. He helps me in my exploratory very often, and I think he is just overall a very cool dude.

  9. Sophee P. says:

    One student that I think has been making good choices is Aryana D. She makes good choices by always doing what she is told and never arguing with the teacher. Aryana always chooses to include people in group activities and never tries to make people unhappy. She chooses to be a positive influence on others and that makes a impact on the people around her. Aryana has impacted me and others because she is a good role model to others around her and is a positive influence which influences other people around her to do the same.

  10. Brock Fisher says:

    I have seen Antonio B. working very hard in math and has been trying his best to learn as much as he can. Seeing him work hard and want to learn as much as he can has made me want to make sure that I don’t miss out on something the teacher is saying, so I will try and pay more attention when they are teaching.

  11. Jackson VDB says:

    I’ve seen Aiden T making good choices. He is always choosing to do his homework and he works really hard in the classroom. In sports I’ve seen him choose to be honest if he fouled someone even if his teammates would get mad at him.

  12. Kai M says:

    I’ve seen Braden B.
    A good choice he has shown was when we were in Science he helped me fill in my Warm Up ?’s that I missed when I was sick.
    It positively defined him because it shows he is helpful and kind to others.
    He was a role model to me because he taught me to be helpful to classmates and anybody else who needs help.

  13. Julie P says:

    I think that Caeleigh W. makes good choices. When I have seen her make a good choice is when she chooses to be nice to someone or encourage someone when no one else is. She also doesn’t care what other people think of her for encouraging that person and just wants to make that person feel better no matter who they are. I think people were surprised someone would encourage that person and made you think how selfless Caeleigh is. I think it impacted people because after seeing that you would want to be better at doing more things like that.

  14. Antonio says:

    A person that I saw with good choice is Caeleigh W because she is always showing good choices and I saw it happen when she is doing the right thing like helping others. It positively impacted me too do the same.

  15. David says:

    One person that I found is Braden M. he is always making good choices in class and out side of the classroom he is always listening and paying attention and only talks when it is time to.

  16. Cody Aardema says:

    Brett M.- You sometimes are making good choices. You do also make goood choices like when you helped me clean my house after we kind of left a big mess and that is why I am writing about you. How it defined You is that you showed that you can be a good friend and you can make a lot of good choices and it also shows that you are a very helpful person. You showed a lot of people that if they can stop whatever they were doing and they could stop and help the pesron that is in trouble.

  17. Alexa R says:

    Amanda H.
    I think that she has made a good choice to help people make the right decisions. They might need help to make the right decisions so they don’t get their selves into trouble by making the wrong decision. I think it help her realize what good she can do in the world. How much a couple words of wisdom can do to a person. She makes other people realize how much they are worth and how much they can do with the world and inspire people. She inspires people to follow their dreams and keep pushing to get to where you want to be in life. I think it impacted me and made realize how amazing we can be by the actions we make. If we simply just give people a couple words of wisdom, that can change how they look at things and how they might perform their actions. The actions that you perform may effect you the rest of your life. I would just look at all the certain people that are like Amanda and think about what they do for other people and help them get away from a bad choice they might’ve made or were going to make. That person could’ve saved your life because of a bad decision you made.

  18. Ashlyn G. says:

    Jorge A.
    I always see him making other people laugh and putting a smile on their face. During activity and in the hallway I always see him talking to someone and making them laugh. He shows me that even if I am not friends with everyone I can still talk to them and maybe make their day.

  19. Evan T says:

    John VW
    John help out a kid pick up their stuff when it fell on the ground. I think that shooed that he is kind to others when he can be. It impacted me to hold the door open for others before class starts. He shooed me how to be nicer to others.

  20. Zuleyka R says:

    Brock F.
    He made a good choice of helping others and treating others with respect even when he is frustrated or doesn’t know them. I have seen Brock do many things to help people and not only has this helped me but others, too. When someone sees Brock do something good I see those people making god choices.

  21. Allison k says:

    I’ve seen lot’s of improvement in everybody this quarter, but Khloe’s actions, I think, have gotten way better. Khloe was always a person that you would want to go to if you needed help on something. She is also there for you whenever you need her, But she had improved in many ways. this quarter I saw that khloe has a better attitude in her actions. She is positive and respectful to her and other’s around her. I encourage her to keep it up and always stay positive even when it can be struggle at times.

  22. Shanna R says:

    Someone I seen make good choices is Amanda H. She has always done things to help others and never puts people down, but always brings them up. If someone asks her for help she is always so willing to help even it nothing is given back in return. She always has a smile on her face which makes other people happier. She is always making friends and including everyone even if they aren’t her friends.

  23. Aryana D. says:

    Antonio B.
    I think Antonio B. has made good choices. One good choice he has made is not drawing attention to himself. He always tries to do the best he can and make the best choices. When he does something, he doesn’t try to make a show of it or make everybody notice; he just does it. The good choices he’s made can impact me to do things without worrying if anybody is watching. He shows great integrity and helps me to do so also. I hope his great deeds will impact everybody else also. Thanks for making good choices, Antonio!

  24. Sophee P. says:

    Another person I think has been making good choices is Caeleigh W. She always makes good choices by always choosing to do what is right. She chooses to have a positive influence on other people around her and always tries to cheer people up around her. Her choices impact others around her because other people around her want to do the same and will follow in her footsteps.

  25. Amanda Hulstein says:

    I think Julie P. makes good choices. She is always helping someone and not ignoring them when they need to talk. Even when someone that isn’t as popular comes to talk to her, she will never neglect them. I have never seen her be mean to anyone. She has impacted me because she taught me not to neglect anyone no matter who they are, no matter what they look like and how they act. Whenever Julie sees someone not being treated nicely she will go talk to them and ask them what they said. She will even take time away from her friends to do what is right. She also gets her work done on time and complete. She made that choice to get the work done so she didn’t have consequences. I love how Julie P. is always doing her best and being a role model to others. I love being her friend because it shows me how I can lift more and more people up and be the person that everyone wants to be friends with. I think the choices that Julie has made, has impacted her life and taught her to be nice to everyone. Julie is a role model to me because she will treat everyone respectfully and she will help or comfort someone when they are hurting. Thank you for being a role model and a true friend Julie!

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