Baker’s STAR

This month’s character topic is KINDNESS and CARING.  There are many small acts of kindness and caring that impact our lives, and sometimes we pay attention and we appreciate those random acts of kindness, and sometimes we get so focused on ourselves that we take them for granted.

This month we would like to take time to focus on the random acts of kindness that have impacted us and made our lives better in some way.  We want to celebrate students who positively affect the climate of our school each and every day through their KINDNESS and CARING.  In order to acknowledge these students, please post a comment using the following bullet points as your guide:

  • NAME any student in 7th grade that you know has shown KINDNESS or CARING to you or another student.  (first name, last initial) Remember this blog can be seen anywhere, so be aware of internet safety and do not post the person’s full name.  
  • IDENTIFY when, where and how you have seen this person show KINDNESS and CARING.
  • EXPLAIN how it positively impacted you or another person.
  • Finally, tell how you plan to pay it forward from their example.

25 Responses to Baker’s STAR

  1. Shea. O says:

    A person i picked is Zuleyka. R, because she is kind and caring to others also makes me laugh a lot when I’m down and is a courageous person I will pay forward this act of kindness by encouraging others.

  2. Kooper H says:

    A person that stands out to me is Braden K. because he has always been a good friend to those that need one and he has always encouraged me during wrestling to do my best. I will pay forward this act by ecouraging other people.

  3. Zuleyka R says:

    A person that I have seen that is kind is America G because she has helped many people when they need it and she is very patient. She is also very caring for others because she will help people in problems that they have in life. I will pay it forward by doing the things she does and helping people and being patient

  4. Alexa R says:

    I picked Shanna R. She is a great friend, and she is always is there for certain people when they are in a situation that a person might need a friend. She is always that friend that someone needs. An example that I saw was when I needed someone to talk and she was there. She didn’t dose off and not listen, she actually listened and gave me suggestions on things. I will try my hardest to be that kind of person like Shanna so I can be that person to help someone through a tough time.

  5. Aryana D. says:

    I picked Jada A. I picked Jada because she is always willing to sit by me in orchestra if I am lonely and she is always helping me with things if I need it. She always has something positive to say. She is also very kind and helpful to other people as well. In class if they need help she is always the one to go and help them. I will pay this forward by being a friend to everyone and by helping others if they need it.

  6. John V.W. says:

    Brayden M. I saw him picking up basket balls after activity when lots of people already went to lunch. It impacted the 6th graders because they were all in one spot not all over the gym. I want to help people if they drop there stuff on the way to class.

  7. Cale T says:

    The person I picked is Zuleyka R, she always help people when they are down, she always is giving people high fives. I see her giving high fives in the gym. She is never rude to anyone that i have seen. It impacted me to cheer people up and be more nice. I will pay it forward by being more kind.

  8. Sophee P. says:

    One person that is caring and kind is Alyssa V. She is always nice to everyone no matter who they are and she always is kind to me and never tries to bring anyone down and always tries to cheers them up. I will pay forward this act by always being nice to her and others, and I won’t bring others down and if they are down I’ll try to cheer them up.

  9. Erika S. says:

    America G.
    It think she shows kindness whenever we are in P.E. she is always encouraging people and is always looking on the bright side of things. This helps others in P.E if they are struggling. I will pay it forward by encouraging others in P. E when they are struggling.

  10. Kai M says:

    The person I picked is Luke K.
    When he helped me in Study Hall with my Geography homework.
    It positively impacted me by encouraging me to help others with homework and anything else they need help with.
    I’m going to pay it forward by helping somebody out everyday if they need help with homework or anything else.

  11. Elijah Hoey says:

    A person that was very caring for me today was Nate P. He helped me with my homework during study hall, and returned my computer when I misplaced it. He is a cool dude. He gladly obliged to sit with me on a bus ride to the Mall of America. To repay him, I guess I could help him with his homework when he needs it, or by helping him out in P.E. Thanks Nate!

  12. Zuleyka R says:

    A person that is kind and caring is Adam R. he has a great personality and he is just great with helping people when they need it. He cares for everyone even though he might not know them or like them. I have seen Adam use his personality for good not for bad he is funny and will uplift someone. I will pay it forward by using my personality to help people.

  13. Shanna R says:

    I chose Alexa R. I have seen her show kindness everywhere an example is when she stood up to someone who wasn’t saying the nicest things about other people. I had seen it impact the people she was around and even on herself. I wan’t to make a change in what people say by standing up for them and doing my best to help.

  14. Evan T says:

    The person I picked is Cody A. I seen him help a student when they drooped a book of theirs. so it impacted me that not all people do not care about others. I’m going to pay it forward by helping others more often.

  15. Cody Aardema says:

    Someone I think that is caring and kind is Cole V. The reason I chose Cole was because when we are in the locker rooms after wrestling he picks up a lot of stuff in the locker room. He also likes to make people laugh and he also likes to ask about peoples days and how they are going. Well how it impacted people is that well then the coach has to pick up after them and then we have to do push-ups and that is not fun. How I will pay this forward is I will Try to pick up after myself and maybe I will help a lot more.

  16. Caeleigh W. says:

    I think Leah H. has shown kindness to everyone around her atmosphere. She has made lots of students laugh and is very encouraging. Leah has shown she is caring by playing volleyball at activity with other students besides her best friends. I will pay it forward by being open to anyone who wants to join me in activity even if I don’t know them well.

  17. Kooper H says:

    i think a person that stands out to me is Brock F. because he has always told me to keep doing my best and he would never give up on what he is doing. i will pay forward this act by helping people and never giving up in school or life.

  18. Julie P says:

    Nevaeh S is a very kind and caring person to everyone around her. One time when she was kind was when we were picking partners in volleyball and there was an odd number of girls so she let me join her in what we were doing. It has impacted me because she is always so kind so it inspires me to be kind to others also. I think it has impacted others because just knowing that Nevaeh is kind and caring makes them feel like they don’t have to feel uncomfortable around her. I will pay forward her kindness by being more caring and kind to people even if I don’t like them.

  19. Erika S. says:

    Amanda H.
    She is always helping others try their best either if it’s in school, or if it is in basketball practice. She is always trying to find a way to help others. I will pay it forward by helping others when they are struggling or needing help.

  20. Sophee P. says:

    Another person I think is caring and kind is Emma S. She always wants to include others and is very nice to everyone. She is nice to people around her no matter what mood they may be in. I want to be like Emma and include everyone and be kind to everyone no matter what kind of mood they might be in or if they are having a bad day.

  21. Rosa Hernandez says:

    A person I picked is Krystal E, because she’s nice to others and she like to make the right choices.I picked Krystal because she kind to others and she make them laugh and she makes me laugh to. Krystal is always prepared for her next class and she’s organized to like me. She’s always their for me when I need help with something like when I’m lost in the school she helps me like where I need to go.

  22. Aryana D. says:

    I picked Jessica B. Every morning when I have nothing to do, she is always there to hangout with me. She is also very comforting and concerned for me if something is wrong. She always helps others, and especially if they are feeling sad she always makes them cheerful again. One way I will pay it forward is by comforting others and helping them out if they need it.

  23. David says:

    One person that I choose is Sterling H, because he is always helping me and others. He will help me if I need help with homework or somthing like that. One way I will pay it forward is by being kind and helping others that need help.

  24. Amanda H says:

    I think Alexa R. is very kind and caring. Whenever I see her she is helping others through their homework or helping them when they are struggling with something outside of class. She has a great impact on my life because she can show me what I have done wrong and how I can fix it. She has always been their when I am down on myself or when I am struggling with something. I can make sure I am doing the same towards others.

  25. AntonioB says:

    A person I picked is Caeleigh W, because she is a kind and caring person she helped me with science. I will pay it forward for helping kids in need.

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