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This month’s character topic is CHOICES.  In the book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J.K. Rowling reminds us of the importance of choices through the character of Dumbledore who tells Harry, “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

Our choices define who we are, and who we are choosing to become.  This month we would like to celebrate the students of character who define themselves through their good choices.  Their choices not only define them, but they impact others in a positive way.  These students are role models, and we should want to follow where they lead.

In order to acknowledge these students and the good choices that they are making, please post a comment using the following bullet points as your guide:

  • NAME any student in 7th grade that you know has made a GOOD CHOICE.          (first name, last initial) Remember this blog can be seen anywhere, so be aware of internet safety and do not post the person’s full name.  
  • IDENTIFY what GOOD CHOICE you witnessed this person making.
  • EXPLAIN how it positively defined the person who made the choice.
  • Finally, DEFEND how that choice positively impacted you or another person. (How was this person a role model to you – even if they didn’t know it?)

23 Responses to Niehus’s STAR

  1. Khloe M. says:

    Jayden C.
    I saw at activity today Jayden helping up another student who fell. That impacted me because it makes me wanna do that and help others. She is a role model because other people were watching and she has everyone else who chooses to be a role model by helping up another person.

  2. America G. says:

    Ronald L.
    I think Ronald L. is someone who makes good choices. He chooses to be kind and funny to all the students in class. He is never mean to other students in the school, he always has a positive attitude. Ronald makes all people laugh when they are either mad or sad. He makes the choice to make them feel better about themselves.

  3. Emily T. says:

    I think that Alyssa V has made some good choices by being nice to everyone. I see that when she does this, it makes more people want to be her friend. everyone feels comfortable by her. I like that she is always kind to everyone and she never says bad things about other people.

  4. Brett VG says:

    Alex N
    Alex N makes good choices to make him successful. He goes to DS to get his work done before class. He goes there even though he doesn’t have late work. He makes me want to go to DS so I don’t have to go to DS the next day.

  5. Kady H. says:

    Caeleigh W.
    On free Friday she wanted to sit by us, but saw that someone was sitting by themselves. She went and sat by them even though she wanted to sit by us. Caeleigh puts people before herself and I admire that. It made that person feel really good and made her lunch a little bit better. Caeleigh makes me want to include others and think of others before myself.

  6. Adam R. says:

    Leah H.

    Everyday after activity everybody leaves the basketballs and volleyballs everywhere. Leah always stays after activity and helps put all the basketballs and volleyballs away. It positivley defines her because everyone leaves and she stays. When I saw Leah doing this I started to do it. I think it helps the teachers so they don’t have to stay longer to pick up the basketballs and volleyballs.

  7. Brayden M. says:

    John VW.
    I saw John keep quite and stay working even when the teacher wasn’t in the room while everybody got loud in the class room. John makes me want to stay quite and keep working even without the teacher in the room and keep working while everybody gets loud.

  8. Maddie J says:

    I think that America G. has made good choices. I saw her walking in the gym and someone looked sad and instead of her walking past them she stopped and asked what was wrong even if they were not her best friend. It impacted that person because that person now knows that someone is nice of to care about them.

  9. Kyle H. says:

    Adam R
    Adam shows good character by being respectful to everyone, at a basketball game if someone misses a shot he will cheer them up and tell them that they will make the next shot

  10. Kinzie VK says:

    Julie P. makes good choices. One time there was someone that wanted to sneak out, and she said no because she knew they would get in trouble. This has defined her because we know that she will keep doing the right thing because she used good judgement. This has impacted me because it will make me want to do the right thing.

  11. Aiden T. says:

    Dylan M,
    Dylan makes a lot of good choices that go unnoticed. One that I notice a lot is the fact that he talks a lot to people that are feeling down or need someone to talk to. It really makes peoples day and I could tell throughout the day the people he talked to really acted happy the rest of the day. This really effects me as in it makes me know that I can have that impact on others and am encouraged to do so.

  12. Ashlyn A says:

    Kinzie VK
    she is always sticking up for those who are feeling sad are who don’t feel as important she is always making good choices to stand up for those who may not have someone to talk to, Kinzie is always a good example of how your good choices can lead to a impact on someone else’s life she has showed me that your choices can show others how to make good choices. At lunch she will include others at her lunch table on free friday so they dont feel discluded

  13. Aby N says:

    Zuleyka R
    Zuleyka has included a lot of people in things when they don’t have anyone else who includes them. Even if someone is rude to her she doesn’t try to bring them down. She makes me want to be nicer to people and include them more.

  14. Jessica B. says:

    Krystal E.
    She will always help me with my homework when I need help with it. This positively defined her is it tells others and me that she is kind and helpful. This helps me to try to help others when they need it.

  15. Bailey l says:

    Max A.

    He is kind and helpful to his teachers and his friends.
    He is a role model because it shows me that I should be kind and helpful to my teachers and friends.
    I like the way he is in school and in class.

  16. Dylan M. says:

    Jessica B.
    She always gets her homework done and is nice to people
    It inspired me to get my homework done better and be nice to people
    She is a role model to me because of this

  17. Kinzie VK says:

    Ashlyn A. because she was able to judge a comment and put a stop to it. There was another person that said something mean, so she told them to stop because it was mean. This has defined her because she can stick up to people, for other people. This has made me want to always be kind to others and stick up for people even when the person that said something could be one of your best friends.

  18. Brett VG says:

    Landan VV
    Landan VV makes good choices by including other people. He included a student in Math to be his partner. He wouldn’t have picked that partner on a normal day, but he made the right choice.

  19. Blake H. says:

    I think David H. because he does what a teacher tells him to do and he is very helpful when he needs do be. It impacted me by wanting to do what teachers tell me to do and makes me want to be very helpful.

  20. Sierra P. says:

    Caeleigh W.
    She chose to help me rather than walk away or ignore when I needed help on homework. It made me think she’s a good person and enjoys helping people. This has impacted me by making me think about the next time someone needs help to choose to help them and not ignore them or walk away from them.

  21. Ronald L says:

    Max O – When we are in DS he always tries to sit away from his friends so he can get out of DS
    and get his homework done and go to activity. I wish I could be like him so I could get my homework done.

  22. America G. says:

    Brett M.
    Brett M. is someone I think makes good choices. He enjoys helping others by helping them with a question in an assignment. He is really funny and makes a lot of people laugh. He chooses to make people laugh, he chooses to help other people who need the help.

  23. Landan V says:

    Alex N.
    Alex never interrupts in class. He is super responsible and he always gets his homework done. Alex is respectful to all of his teachers; he is also respectful to all of his peers. Alex makes great choices.

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