Niehus’s STAR

This month’s character topic is RESPECT.  RESPECT isn’t something you just get, like a new pair of shoes.  Respect is something that you earn though your words and actions.

  • Think of a student in your class/grade that you respect.  What does that person say and/or do that makes you respect him/her?
  • Think about students that are leaders in the classroom, in sports, in music, and/or just in the way they talk and interact with others.  These students are probably very respectful, and they positively influence those around them.

We want to celebrate students who show RESPECT every day, positively affecting themselves and others. In order to identify those students, please post a comment using the following bullet points as your guide:

  • NAME of any student in 7th grade that you RESPECT.  (first name, last initial) Remember this blog can be seen anywhere, so be aware of internet safety and do not post the person’s full name.  
  • IDENTIFY when, where and how you have seen this person show RESPECT
  • and HOW it has positively impacted you or another person.

40 Responses to Niehus’s STAR

  1. Cole V. says:

    Luke K. respects people and is a great encourager for school and for sports.

  2. Kyle H. says:

    Luke K. He is very nice and builds up and is helpful to people. One example of him being nice is one time on free friday is that some of the new students had nowhere to sit so luke did everything he could to try and get them ot sit at his table even if they were not his friend.

  3. Khloe M says:

    Ashlyn A because she brings people up and she doesn’t bring them down, also she has a very good attitude around students and teachers. I think that Ashlyn has very good character and attitude.

  4. Landan V says:

    Luke K.
    He shows respect everywhere. He encurages people to do better in sports, he helps people learn something, he also treats others the way he wants to be treated. he helps me all the time in sports to make me do better. I also see him helping people in the halls that drop something or need something.

  5. Adam R. says:

    I respect Brayden M. I respect Brayden M. because he never talks during class and he is always engaged and is always on track. This impacts me because I want to listen in class as much as he does because I know I do, just not as great as him.

  6. Jon H says:

    Luke K. is a positive influence on everyone and is encouraging never gives up he helps to build people up in sports and does not say curse words

  7. Ashlyn A says:

    Adam R
    He is very nice and kind in star. He is always making people laugh in a respectful way. He always makes me and others laugh when they are having a bad day.

  8. Cole V. says:

    Luke K respects people like teacher he pays attention andrespects his teamates even if they arn’t good at the sport your playing.

  9. Kinzie VK says:

    Kael A.
    He helps others that need help, and others see that and respect him. He is always saying positive things to make you feel better when you need it. He always helps other kids when they need help, such as in helping others with homework. I think that he’s respectful towards teachers and earns the teacher’s respect.

  10. Brayden M. says:

    I respect Adam R. because he nice and quit when he needs to be and gets his work done on time. He always helps when you have a question in class. And he always encourages people at games.

  11. Kady H. says:

    Emily T. She has helped me on my writing when I have questions. I have also noticed that she is kind and considerate to everyone around her.

  12. Aiden T. says:

    Luke K.

    On the field/cort and in everday life Luke is a nice kid. He is really kind to everyone and he includes everyone in activities. During sports he cheers poeple on and doesn’t give up. He works very hard and is a good athlete and student. He keeps people acountable for there actions and keeps them out of trouble. For these reasons I respect him.

  13. Jessica B. says:

    Emily T. I saw her telling another student that they where nice person. That will help them believe in them self.

  14. Jayne A. says:

    I respect Amanda. H because she is always nice to everyone she always has a great attitude and she is also very nice at church with group activities and she is very helpful to others. She also encourage others.

  15. Ashlyn A says:

    Khloe M
    She is very nice and always has a great attitude she has a smile that can make your day. She can find a way to make you laugh even if you have different interests

  16. Blake H says:

    Kyle H is a friendly kid he is respectful to teachers and his friends. It is positive to people younger than him.

  17. Emily T. says:

    I think that Kinzie V. demonstrates respect in and out of school. She is nice to everyone. She is always willing to help people if they need help. Also she is a great leader in our STAR classroom. She always helps around in the classroom. And she has a positive influence to the people around her.

  18. Ronald L says:

    I think the person who showed me the most respect is America G. She always treats me well with respect she never tells me something bad she always helps me when I need her and we are good friends

  19. America G. says:

    I respect Silvia S. because she is very nice and respects teachers by not talking when the teacher talks. She is very responsible and always has a great attitude during class. she might now always be nice to some people because there not nice to her or he friends, but usually she’s nice and kind.

  20. Adam R. says:

    I respect Ashlyn A. I respect her because she is a leader in star and when people are being nosy and off track she will tell them to be quiet and to quiet down. This impacts me because if people are noisy and off track I want to be a leader and tell them to stop too.

  21. Kinzie VK says:

    Kady H.
    She is ALWAYS there for you, and I really respect someone that will always have your back even through the hard times. She is always very respectful towards the students that need a little extra help, and takes the time to help them and to make sure that they understand the concept. She is always very respectful towards others. She impacts me by wanting to be a better friend and to be respectful to others.

  22. Madison J says:

    I think Emily T has been really respectful to everyone. When I see someone drop their stuff she helps them. Everyday she says something nice to me and other people. She gets her homework done on time and helps other people with homework. If I ask her to help me on a question she helps me. If you are feeling down Emily will help cheer you up to make us feel better. It impacts me because she makes me feel better and I think other people would agree.

  23. Bailey l says:

    Jesus R

    He is respectful to because helps others to carry or tell them how to do it.
    He show respect to the teachers and other people in the building.
    He listen to directions in class and do what he is told to.

  24. Aby N says:

    Emma S
    I have never seen Emma be mean to someone or make rude comments about someone. She follows the rules and is always kind and considerate of others. She’s nice to everyone around her even if they aren’t nice to her. If she borrows money or things she always brings them back even if she doesn’t have to. She is helpful and kind to everyone.

  25. Sierra P. says:

    I have seen Nevaeh S. show respect by encouraging people. When I saw this was when the team was playing basketball at the middle school for IBL, she encouraged us. How this has impacted us is we felt like we were doing good and we felt we could do more.

  26. Kinzie VK says:

    Luke K. because he is always very respectful towards teachers. He wants to pay attention to do good in school and wants others to do good, too. This impacts me by wanting others to in school, too.

  27. Jayne A. says:

    I respect Sierra P. because she is one of my best friends and we always have a fun time together like at church and at school. I respect her because she is a very nice person and I just always like to hang out with her and its super fun. Another reason why I like Sierra as my friends she helps others out when they need it and I respect her a ton.

  28. Khloe M says:

    Kalia R has very good character because she does her very best in sports and she is a positive role model. She influences me by how she acts and how nice and funny she can be.

  29. Kady H. says:

    Kinzie V.K. Kinzie is a great friend to be around. She pushes you to do your best on and off the court. She is someone that I respect because she has a lot of character. She treats others how they want to be treated. Kinzie has taught me to be a better friend.

  30. America G. says:

    I respect Brady S. because he never talks during classes and respects the teachers by not being a disruption or a distraction. He is usually nice to other people unless that person did something mean to him or his friends. Brady is usually responsible by trying to get his homework done on time. Another thing that I respect about Brady is he is nice to adults. When it comes to talking to adults he is very nice and respectful. And Brady’s one of my best friends so of course I respect him.

  31. Jessica B. says:

    Landon V V. He respects the teachers and other students if you ask him to stop he will stop.

  32. Kinzie VK says:

    Zuleyka R. is always very respectful by always paying attention in class. She is always her fun, bubbly self, and I respect that. I respect her a ton because she is always saying things to make you feel good when you are having a bad day. She makes me want to be a better person by always wanting me to be better.

  33. Aby N says:

    Kady H helps people when they need it and is awesome to be around. She builds up people when they need it and respects people and their things.

  34. Landan V says:

    Ashlyn A.
    She is always nice. She has a great attitude to other people and trys to build them up and make them feel better.

  35. Emily T. says:

    I think that Maddie J shows respect in school, she is always really nice and respectful to me and other people. Also she is a great friend if you are looking for a friend. She always help put a smile on your face if your’re feeling down.

  36. Jayne A. says:

    I respect Carolynn M. because she is a super nice girl and she is very funny and she cares about others and listens to their opinions and I do respect her a lot.

  37. Madison J says:

    I think Erika S is respectful because she helps people when they drop their stuff. She also does not talk during class so everyone can focus. She also helps people and me with homework if we need help.

  38. Bailey L says:

    Blake H.

    Blake helps other people with their homework.

  39. Sierra P. says:

    Jayne A. has shown respect by always being positive. An example of when this was shown was when we were outside playing Ga Ga Ball and I was the second to last person left. Even though I lost she still said good job.

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