Niehus’s STAR

This month’s character topic is KINDNESS and CARING.  There are many small acts of kindness and caring that impact our lives, and sometimes we pay attention and we appreciate those random acts of kindness, and sometimes we get so focused on ourselves that we take them for granted.

This month we would like to take time to focus on the random acts of kindness that have impacted us and made our lives better in some way.  We want to celebrate students who positively affect the climate of our school each and every day through their KINDNESS and CARING.  In order to acknowledge these students, please post a comment using the following bullet points as your guide:

  • NAME any student in 7th grade that you know has shown KINDNESS or CARING to you or another student.  (first name, last initial) Remember this blog can be seen anywhere, so be aware of internet safety and do not post the person’s full name.  
  • IDENTIFY when, where and how you have seen this person show KINDNESS and CARING.
  • EXPLAIN how it positively impacted you or another person.
  • Finally, tell how you plan to pay it forward from their example.

32 Responses to Niehus’s STAR

  1. Kinzie VK says:

    Emma S. has been very kind to me and everyone around her. She has always been kind, in school and out of school. She is ALWAYS including others and very good at reciprocating. She has always been a great friend to Faith and Sid, and includes them in everything she can. She helps me to always remember that everyone wants to feel good and be included.

  2. Emily T. says:

    I think that Alyssa V. shows kindness and caring during school. During literature she is always willing to help if I have a question and I admire that she is so willing to help others. I plan to try to help others also.

  3. Aiden T. says:

    Micah D.
    He has been real nice at aying hi and including others in things like games or even just starting a conversation. This really can make someones day and would be a great thing to pay forward even if all you say is hi to sombody. He also respects everyone as a equal and I think that is a great skill to learn at a young age like 12-13.

  4. Adam R. says:

    I think Kooper H. Is really nice. Because onetime we went to a cross country meet and a person was last but him and I still kept cheering for him. I think it impacted him to keep going and to keep trying and to not give up. I will do that the next time I go to a cross country meet.

  5. Brett VG says:

    Carson J
    He includes other people in the things he does during Activity, and he knows how to make people feel like they are important in a group discussion or in another project
    He has shown me how you always need to include others even if they aren’t your best friend

  6. Kinzie VK says:

    Emma S. has always been an amazing friend, that has always been kind to everyone around her. She is kind to everyone by including others. If she sees someone being left out, she asks them to join. She is caring and is very good at reciprocating. She is an amazing friend to Faith and Sid, and always tries to include them. She makes me want to include others all of the time. She is so kind and encouraging.

  7. Cody VE says:

    Kyle H has show a lot of kindness to many people. One time Kyle has shown kindness was when I got in a fight with another classmate because I was trying to stand up for a special needs girl in PE and during the whole fight Kyle was there to back me up when I had to talk to the teachersand also when the classmate chocked me Kyle helped to get him off of me and get the teacher. I want to pay forward to Kyle by being nice and respectful to not only specical needs kids but aslo everyone else

  8. Sierra P. says:

    Kaylin T.
    Kaylin has showed kindness by helping me with my homework. I was having trouble on a question and she comes over and helps me on it. Its’ impacted me by making me want to help other people when they are having a difficulty on something.

  9. Adam R. says:

    I think Landan VV. is really nice. Because once he sees someone that might not have that many friends he will be like “WASSUP” and give them a high five and try to make friends with them. I think it could mean a lot to one of those people because if they really need a friend because they are going through tough times Landan could really help them. I think I could talk to the people that don’t have as many friends and make friends with them too.

  10. Dylan M. says:

    He can help you during classes and I look up to him for his kindness. I have seen him do this many times. It positively affected me because it can really show how nice some people are. I think I could start being more kind.

  11. Brayden M. says:

    John VW.
    John is always kind when you are talking to him and he always listens to what you have to say. He will never interrupt you when you are talking to him. Anther reason he his kind is if he borrow’s something from you like a pencil he will always return it back to you. I will pay it forward by always being kind to people and always listen to what people have to say all of the time.

  12. Jon H says:

    Luke K. Has been encouraging to me during basketball season and is always cheering on everyone no matter how good or bad they are at any sport. He also is good at hanging out with unpopular kids and helping in the classroom, too. I will help others more and be a lot more encouraging and kind to others in sports.

  13. Landan V says:

    Brett VG.
    He is a kind person and he always is there for you. He is kind to other people that he dosen’t even know. One time we were planting tulips for D.C. fundrasing and this lady had a bok of donuts in her hands leaving the bakery and Brett was walking into the bakery and he held the door for her and her kids. I want to pay it forward by holding the door for other people and don’t even think twice about it.

  14. Jessica B. says:

    Jada A. She always respects me and will lisons to me. She will also help me with my homework if I need it. How I will pay it forward is by respecting her and others.

  15. Khloe M says:

    I saw Ronald L. cheering on the other team we were playing in dodgeball, even though we were winning, he was still having faith that they were gonna do good. In return I’m going to start cheering my opponent on even though we are playing against them.

  16. Emily T. says:

    I think Jada A. shows kindness and caring in and out of school. When I forgot to do something with her she was forgiving. I like that she was kind about it. I plan to be very forgiving to other people.

  17. Cole V. says:

    Brett VG he was kind and helped me out with wrestleing moves if I didn’t get it. That move helped me to be able to pin some guys. So now I’ll help out anyone that needs help with wrestling.

  18. Kady H. says:

    I think Leah H. is kind toward others because she includes all people even if others don’t want them there. She picks people up with her words and with her actions towards everybody. Leah is a really great person because she never puts anyone down and always wants to make a new friend. Leah has inspired me to include more people in the things that I do.

  19. Aby N says:

    Leah H is nice to everybody and always includes others in everything. If you need help or have a problem you can talk to her and she’ll listen. It makes me want to consider others more and be kinder to people around me.

  20. America G. says:

    I choose Ronald L. because he thinks about others before thinking of himself. He makes lots of people laugh when they are feeling down, or just randomly make them laugh. Ronald is very kind as well, he helps out other student when they ask him for help. He is a very good student. Ronald can be weird at times too, but that’s just who he is. Ronald is always happy and when he is sad he tries not to show it which is what most people do. Overall Ronald is a pretty great friend. I am already trying to pay forward by making him laugh just like he makes all of us laugh. I am also helping him if he needs help.

  21. Kinzie VK says:

    Kady H is always very kind to everyone. When we get our teams in sports or PE, you can always tell that she’s excited to have you on her team. She makes everyone feel special and like they are wanted on her team. She puts everyone before herself, so they can feel good. She makes me want to get better about putting others before me. She is very selfless and inclusive.

  22. Brett VG says:

    Landan VV
    Landan is very competitive and he always likes to win at everything. If he doesn’t win, he still shows good sportsmanship. He never says anything bad about other people.
    I want to be more like Landan because sometimes I say bad things about people and that is not good.

  23. Jayne A. says:

    Luke K. Because one time we were in gym and I was running at a good pace Luke said keep it up you can do it and that made me feel good about myself. Now I am going to cheer on others when we are running and say you can do it.

  24. Jessica B. says:

    Sierra P. She will respect me and she will talk with me in between classes and she will usually comfort me when I an upset or frustrated. How I will pay this forward is I will include others even if they are not my closest friend.

  25. Aiden T. says:

    Adam R.
    Adam is a overall funny guy and is very kind to his peers. He knows how to have a friendly compotition. This can really make somones day. He has helped me enjoy school a bit more. I hope to pay this forward by making people laugh a bit more to.

  26. Madison J says:

    I think a person who shows kindness is Alexa R. I think she shows kindness if because she includes people at activity. If people are just walking around and don’t know what to do she asks them if they want to join in what she is doing. I am going to start joining poeple in that don’t have anything to do

  27. Jayne A. says:

    Dana P. because she is helpful and respectful to others like one time a kid said I am so dumb and she said don’t say that about yourself. Now on I am going to encourage others

  28. Ashlyn A says:

    Kady H
    Kady has been very kind to me she is a very kind girl who is always willing to include someone who is feeling alone. She has been kind to me by letting me play with her at activity she made me feel very welcome I will pay it forward by always making someone feel involved especially when they feel alone.

  29. Kyle H. says:

    luke K
    He is always respectful to everyone even if they are not his friend.
    He always encourages anyone that he does anything with, he can build anyone up and he never tears anyone down. He could be mean and not build others up hut he is not and we have a lot of people that do not do that in our world so it is good to have people like that.
    I will try to be more like Luke by encouraging others and not tearing others down with mean and hurtful words.

  30. Ronald L says:

    America G.She always helps people the they need it she is nice to every one and she helps me When i don t get something so I can get my homework done or be ready for a test

    Now I going to try to be more helpful and try to not distract others when they are trying to learn

  31. Bailey l says:

    Ronald Lopez

    He helps other and he is kind to teachers and he is respectful to people. It is helpful so others can learn something, and it has impacted people because he helps people to smile and laugh a little which makes their day better. I will pay it forward by trying to be kind to my teachers and respectful to other in the school or out of school.

  32. Blake says:

    Cody VE because he is caring to the teachers and he does what he is told, especially in 6th period in Mrs. VR’s room. It impacted me by making me treat the teachers with respect. I will pay it forward by complementing Cody’s good behavior!

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