This month’s character topic is RESPECT.  RESPECT isn’t something you just get, like a new pair of shoes.  Respect is something that you earn though your words and actions.

  • Think of a student in your class/grade that you respect.  What does that person say and/or do that makes you respect him/her?
  • Think about students that are leaders in the classroom, in sports, in music, and/or just in the way they talk and interact with others.  These students are probably very respectful, and they positively influence those around them.

We want to celebrate students who show RESPECT every day, positively affecting themselves and others. In order to identify those students, please post a comment using the following bullet points as your guide:

  • NAME of any student in 7th grade that you RESPECT.  (first name, last initial) Remember this blog can be seen anywhere, so be aware of internet safety and do not post the person’s full name.  
  • IDENTIFY when, where and how you have seen this person show RESPECT
  • and HOW it has positively impacted you or another person.

21 Responses to VK’s STAR

  1. Luke K says:

    I respect Aiden T because he is always positive and encouraging other people. He has impacted me by showing what an honest friend should look like and uses the golden rule often.

  2. Kaden DJ says:

    I think Braden B. was respectful to my mother at my home when she asked him to do a few things hand he did them with me. I think it impacted my mother because he used to be a bigg trouble make and now his attitude is improving.

  3. Kaitlyn B. says:

    I respect Kalia R. because in volleyball she always showed other people the right way or helped them with something that they didn’t do very well. She helped me with with school work and volleyball. It impacted me by showing what kind action are and that i can show them myself.

  4. Biyanca D. says:

    Krystal E. because when we are in chorus she is singing and being respectful to Mrs. Lemke even though people around her are talking. It has impacted me because I have watched Krystal tell them to stop and when I am talking and I see Krystal, that is trying to stop them, I stop so that I don’t get in trouble.

  5. Jada A. says:

    I respect Emily T. The reason I respect her is because she is kind to others, respectful, trustworthy, honest, and great friend! It makes me feel good about that because I know that I am friends with a good person and I think people should be respected.

  6. Braden B says:

    I respect Kaden DJ. because we have the same interest and he is a leader when we are doing something together. He is very smart and helps me with stuff like if i’m confused in math. I think he is a great role model to he is kind.

  7. suzie J says:

    I think that Sidnee P is respectful. She is respectful to me outside. She lets me play with her. Sidnee lets other people play with her too. She is respectful because she includes other people. Sidnee makes me feel happy when she lets me play with her.

  8. Isaiah H. says:

    Alex N. is a person in the seventh grade that I think that I have seen him be a respectful person. When I am feeling down he is there to give me a smile when he smiles. It impacts me because that makes me feel better than I had before. He is truly a friend to get to know and hang out with. He can make you feel cared for when you are feeling down

  9. Kalia R. says:

    Kady H. is a very respectful person. She shows a lot of respect and is a good leader in sports. She also shows a lot of respect in the classroom. She pays attention in class and doesn’t interrupt. She shows that she is a leader in sports because she listens to the coach and shows that she wants to get better.

  10. Thomas V says:

    Luke K he tries to be nice to everyone one and has a mindset that if I respect you, you should respect me back. It made people show more respect to others and people got a long easier.

  11. Jesus R. says:

    Leah H. when she builds people up and if something bad happens to that person she wont laugh, she helps people and she doesn’t laugh when someone does something wrong.

  12. Brady VG says:

    I think that Luke K. is a caring person because during a game of volley ball he would cheer anyone on no matter who it is. Luke would never get mad if someone missed a serve or a set he would just cheer them on and say you will get it next time.

  13. Kimberly M. says:

    I think Luke K. is respectful because he listens in class. He also does not distract other students. Luke shows respect by not talking over the teacher. I feel appreciated that he doesn’t distract me or other people.

  14. Alex N says:

    Isaiah H. has respected me last year in classes we had together by being kind and caring, and that led to us becoming friends. People do enjoy being around him because he’s nice and respectful. Even if we have our ups and downs, I still enjoy being his friend.

  15. Kaylin T. says:

    I respect Ava S. She is kind to teachers and other students. She helps people with homework. Ava is caring and listens. She positivly effects others by making them feel better about themselfs. That is why I respect Ava S.

  16. Ava S. says:

    I strongly respect my friend, Jada A. She has been very respectful in multiple instances. One example is how most people would not care about what there parents would say about where they went. A couple months ago, Jada and I were going to go to Casey’s, but we had to cross the highway first to get there. Before we went, she said, “Hold on a second. Let me call my mom first to let her know where we are going.” I’m glad she did because her parents were on the verge of not letting us go, and it took a few tries to persuade them. They let us go. They especially emphasized the words “BE SAFE.” Because Jada is so respectful, I trust her with my heart, and she is now one of my best friends.

  17. Kennya R. says:

    Sid P. I have seen Sid during Lunch when I sat in the back with her and she is very nice and she invites everyone to play with her. She talks to you and if you want to play with her she won’t say no to you and that made me think that we should include everyone so that no one is left out.

  18. Alex Vh says:

    I think Cale T it was when i was at his house and he was playing a video game and he asked if i wanted to play it impacted me by that he is a good friend to me and lets me join in

  19. Krystal. E says:

    I think Isaiah H. is really respectful because he helps subs pull up the announcements and he helps others he does it all the time when subs are here and when the teacher asked him too.

  20. Alexess R. says:

    Aryana D.
    After school on the bus, she was sitting next to me and she was sitting forward and was not yelling. She helped a girl who was being made fun of and told the person who was picking on her to stop and comforted the girl.

  21. Isabella B says:

    Kaylin T. and Luke K. are one of the most respectful students in our star. kaylin help me if I need help. Luke is all away listen to his group and listen to the teacher

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