This month’s character topic is KINDNESS and CARING.  There are many small acts of kindness and caring that impact our lives, and sometimes we pay attention and we appreciate those random acts of kindness, and sometimes we get so focused on ourselves that we take them for granted.

This month we would like to take time to focus on the random acts of kindness that have impacted us and made our lives better in some way.  We want to celebrate students who positively affect the climate of our school each and every day through their KINDNESS and CARING.  In order to acknowledge these students, please post a comment using the following bullet points as your guide:

  • NAME any student in 7th grade that you know has shown KINDNESS or CARING to you or another student.  (first name, last initial) Remember this blog can be seen anywhere, so be aware of internet safety and do not post the person’s full name.  
  • IDENTIFY when, where and how you have seen this person show KINDNESS and CARING.
  • EXPLAIN how it positively impacted you or another person.
  • Finally, tell how you plan to pay it forward from their example.

22 Responses to VK’s STAR

  1. Brady VG says:

    I have seen Brayden M. demonstrate kindness during class he is always working hard and he never talks while the teacher is talking. I am sure that hist teachers appreciate when Brayden is getting his work done and listening to directions. Brayden has made me try harder to listen to directions and work hard.

  2. Ava S. says:

    Someone in seventh grade who has shown and continues to show kindness and caring to me is Kaylin T. No matter what mood I’m in, she always there for me. Kaylin has helped me through the worst and best times of my life since we met in sixth grade. I will pay this act of kindness forward by being with her for the rest of her life.

  3. Isabella B says:

    kaylin T. because when I was hurt she came over and sat by me and talk . when someone is sitting alone I’m going to ask if the want to hang with us.

  4. Isaiah H. says:

    Aiden T has shown good acts of kindness when I have been around him. When others are feeling down, he is there to help them up. One time in the hallway, he helped a kid pick up their things that they had dropped. The kid then went on to thank him and they both went on with their day. After I saw that, that made me want to help others. That is what got me into thinking about having YouTube channel about stepping up for others with Maddie. Thanks Aiden for being so kind by helping that kid, and inspiring me into having a YouTube channel about it.

  5. Luke K says:

    I think Alex S shows kindness and care every day. In Computer Tech one day, he lit up the room and was treating everyone kindly and not showing any negativity. I think he makes people’s days all the time. It made me want to do what he does and make people feel great about themselves. I hope I can act like Alex S all the time.

  6. Kalia R. says:

    Khloe M. I think Khloe shows kindness all the time. She helps other people when they need it in and outside of class. She also shows kindness in sports. She encourages people when they need it. She is caring and doesn’t talk about people behind their backs. She is a great and caring friend and is always nice to me. I will spread kindness by doing the same and helping others.

  7. Kaitlyn B. says:

    Kennya R. is a great example of kindness and caring. One time I forgot my giver book at home and she let me use her copy for class. Another time when I was at the movie theater with her I didn’t have enough money to pay for a ticket and she gave me some of hers. I think this impacts people to do other things like this. I plan to pay it forward by doing the same thing if someone forgets the giver book or a calculator or if they don’t have enough money for something.

  8. Jada A. says:

    Someone who has shown kindness is Emily T. I have seen her show kindness by always being a great friend. She never gets mad. One time I was hungry. She bought me a cookie from a le cart and put in in my locker. It has impacted me to share with others. I can pay it forward by sharing my food with someone when they are hungry.

  9. Biyanca D. says:

    Krystal E. because she has docked my chrome book for me after school when I was in a big hurry. It impacted me because I was able to go get my instrument and get on the bus in time for it to leave instead of having an extra thing to do. I plan to pay it forward by docking her chrome book for her sometime or for another student or by helping someone else with a simple task like that to save them time.

  10. Kaylin T. says:

    I think that Katie K. is kind and caring because she never has anything bad to say about anyone. At the dance people were complaining about others. Everyone was complaining except for Katie. This has positively impacted others because they would know that there is a person in our school that doesn’t spread bad things about them. In the future, I plan to not say anything negative about anyone and to ask the person who is to stop.

  11. Jesus R. says:

    Luke K. He builds others and he also helps when people need to, when someones does something that is wrong like answer a wrong answer he won’t laugh or if someone falls and drops their things he will not laugh and he will help the person pick up his/her things. When I need help I can ask Luke and I know is is going to help me or other people that need help. I’m going to help other people when they need it so the people that I helped they can help someone else.

  12. Alex N says:

    Shea O. is a person who showed me kindness. During lunch last Friday, it was a Free Friday, and usually on those days I try to sit with someone who is alone or by myself. Last Friday I decided to sit by myself, but eventually Shea and Adam decided to sit with me. It impacted me by making me want to be more social with others and try to open up. Now I’m not sure how to pay it forward, but I’ve decided that I want to help him in any way possible.

  13. Alex Vh says:

    Luke K at PE if someone gets hurt he asks if they are OK. Luke’s action inspired me to do the same to others.

  14. Katie K. says:

    This year at school my new friend Ava S. has been very nice to me. She has been a friend when I was pretty new to the school. This has impacted me to be more open and and made me feel like a belong here. Through Ava I made more friends, because I started being friends with her friends. I plan on paying it forward by being a friend to someone who doesn’t have many.

  15. Kennya R. says:

    I think someone that shows a lot of kindness and caring is Jada A. She is always nice to everyone she is a happy and cheerful person. She is a good person to be around because she encourages others to do the right thing. Jada is a friends to everyone and never lets you down. She is very helpful when you need help on a homework problem or if you need to borrow a calculator. Some ways that i could pay it forward is by helping others when they need help on homework or include others to play volleyball or other games at activity.

  16. Krystal. E says:

    Rosa showed me kindness at activity by talking to me when I had nothing to do and when I am getting emotional she asks me what is wrong and when I talk about it, it all ways makes me feel better. I will pay it forward by helping someone that is struggling with something or if there out at activity I will talk to them.

  17. Alexess R. says:

    Someone I think who shows kindness is Elijah H.
    He help Jesus when he dropped his pencil container and Elijah helped pick up pencils, pens, makers, and other things that dropped out of his pencil container.
    I am going to pay it forward by doing the same thing anytime someone need help.

  18. Thomas V says:

    I think that Alex S is a caring person because when ever I ask for help on my home work he helps. Alex S has also been kind by asking if I would want to do something with him during activity. It impacted me because it wants me to make others included in the activities and if they ask for help on home work. I will pay it forward by trying to get people who aren’t doing anything to play the games in activity. If people ask for help on home work, too I will help them.

  19. Kaden DJ says:

    I think Brett M. showed kindness and respect. I saw that some people bumped into each other and dropped their stuff. Brett was there and set down his stuff to help them pick it up. He helped every single person and he was late to class. I think it posotively impacted the people in that colision by helping them get class on time and avoiding the minor. I feel the need to pay it forward by helping any one that needs halp in the halls, the class, or anywere else.

  20. Shea. O says:

    I have chosen Ava S. because she is a kind and respectful person, and she helps me get on many websites that I cant find. I have noticed her respecting her friends as she does to me, and I will pay forward this respect by doing the same with my friends and being helpful.

  21. Aaron G. says:

    Kaiden D.Y., he let me borrow paper and pencil in D.S, so I didn’t need waste time going to my locker, he has inspired me to give things to poeple when they need it.

  22. Braden B says:

    Brett M cared about me when I was hungry in the morning he said i could have his breakfast. It make me want to be kind like him and if someone else needs something i could help or give them something

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