This month’s character topic is CHOICES.  In the book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J.K. Rowling reminds us of the importance of choices through the character of Dumbledore who tells Harry, “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

Our choices define who we are, and who we are choosing to become.  This month we would like to celebrate the students of character who define themselves through their good choices.  Their choices not only define them, but they impact others in a positive way.  These students are role models, and we should want to follow where they lead.

In order to acknowledge these students and the good choices that they are making, please post a comment using the following bullet points as your guide:

  • NAME any student in 7th grade that you know has made a GOOD CHOICE.          (first name, last initial) Remember this blog can be seen anywhere, so be aware of internet safety and do not post the person’s full name.  
  • IDENTIFY what GOOD CHOICE you witnessed this person making.
  • EXPLAIN how it positively defined the person who made the choice.
  • Finally, DEFEND how that choice positively impacted you or another person. (How was this person a role model to you – even if they didn’t know it?)

24 Responses to VK’s STAR

  1. Ava S. says:

    Aiden T. makes good choices regarding school and life itself. At home, I usually never study for tests and quizzes, but he always wants to study so he can get a good grade. That has helped me because even if I don’t want to do extra homework or something, he makes me and we both benefit from it.

  2. Kaylin T. says:

    Aiden T. makes good choices because he always works hard. He always studies for tests and does his best in school. He tries to make everyone feel included and is kind to everyone. That is why I think Aiden T. makes good choices.

  3. Isabella B says:

    Shanna R. helped me when someone was not very nice to me during volleyball and Shanna stood up for me and told her to cut it out.

  4. Krystal. E says:

    I think Aryana. D always chooses the right chose when it comes to homework or practicing her instruments. When we have work time in class she tries her best not just to get done. She is hardly ever loud during study halls and if she does have homework she gets it done at home. she never goes to DS and she always finds time to practice her instruments and spend time with her friends.

  5. Luke K says:

    Isaiah H is a person who I have seen make good choices many times. One time in particular when I saw him do this was when he became friends with a person who isn’t considered popular or cool. He has done this many times, but I’m not going to say names. He has gained good friendships through doing this too. This impacted me because it showed me that doing so is not the most popular thing to do, but it impacts others and makes them feel good in the process.

  6. Isaiah H. says:

    Nate P. shows good choices because he doesn’t want to gossip when other people want to in his friend group. He also makes the choice not to get into bad friendships. That has impacted his friend group to not gossip about other people even when it is very tempting to do so. That also made his friend group happier and then they didn’t have to worry about what the other people were saying about them either. I have noticed that in the people he hangs out with that they are good people because Nate chooses not to gossip and make fun of other people and he chooses his friends wisely. Nice Job Nate!

  7. Kalia R. says:

    Kaylin T. is always making good choices even when no one is watching. She is always respectful to the teachers and she makes sure people are working when the teacher leaves the room. She also is willing to help me when I have questions on my work. It positively defines her because it shows that she is always willing to help others. It positively impacted me because I know that I should help others too when they need it.

  8. Jesus R. says:

    Luke K. He is very responsible and he helps others around him. when someone is doing something that they shouldn’t be doing he would tell them to stop and to do the right thing. He helps me when I need it and he also is very respectful to me and people around him. He is also a good friend. He cheers people up, during P.E. and other classes.

  9. Aaron Giesen says:

    Luke K and Thomas VM made of becoming senator and making star fun again thank you Luke K, and Thomas VM

  10. Brady VG says:

    One person that has made good choices is Brayden M. because when there is a substitute teacher he always works his hardest even if he can get away with out trying his hardest and listening. This has helped me because when I see him working hard it pushes me to work hard also. I also think that the teacher likes this because he will help them if they need it.

  11. Braden B says:

    Luke K because he always is kind to others and involves them in stuff. If you mess up he will still be kind to you. It has impacted me because I want to make people feel good about themselves and not be down even if they mess up at something.

  12. Thomas V says:

    Cody B is good at making choices, when it was a free Friday Cody didn’t sit with his usual friends instead he sat with other guys who didn’t have many friends. When he made that choice it moved me because it showed that choices can make others days better because at the table they were having fun. This choice made me want to sit with people I don’t usually sit by and it made me make new friends and pushed me out of my comfort zone.

  13. Kennya R. says:

    I think Kaitlyn B. makes good choices because she chooses to be a leader to others and a friend to everyone. I am happy she is one of my best friends and is someone I can rely on to help me with anything. She is so nice and positive no matter what the situation is. She has made me want to include everyone and help people out when they need help.

  14. Shea. O says:

    I have noticed Angel A. being kind and nice to his friends and helping people out with their assignments. He is a good friend in school and out he is very energetic and fun to be around Angel respects me a lot and i do the same because he is respectful to me and
    he sets a positive attitude around people and me everyday thank you Angel for being a kind cool funny friend to me and others keep being the way you are and hustle past the haters.

  15. Kaitlyn B. says:

    I think that Katie K. makes good choices. She decided to hang out with someone that probably wouldn’t have anyone to hang with. She has also decided to pick up someones stuff in the hall eve though she knew she would be late to her class. It defined her by saying she is willing to put others before herself and her wants. This has impacted me to do kinder things to people. I think she has impacted the people she helped and been kind to do the same things. She has even impacted people watching her and witnessing her to do good things. I can tell she has impacted many people while making good choices.

  16. Biyanca D. says:

    Alicia H. Alicia made a good choice in choir when we were singing. She kept singing the right part and the right notes even though other people were laughing and not paying attention. That defined Alicia because even though others weren’t doing the right thing she still did the right thing. This impacted me because it helped me to keep singing even though others were laughing while we were singing. It also helped me to pay attention more and to focus on what we are doing in choir and in other classes too.

  17. Alex N says:

    Luke K. is a person who I’ve seen make a good choice. Luke always tries to make everyone feel included and tries to make everything that he does fun. This is a reason why he makes a great student senator. This shows how he likes to make others feel welcomed and included. This makes me want to keep trying to open up. If I see others who are lonely, then I should try to cheer them up by talking to them or try including them in a conversation.

  18. Alexess R. says:

    Byianca D.
    Byianca was going to go to activity with me after exploratory and she remembered she had to do a book talk and told me that she going to do a book talk instead. She was taking care of what needed to be done first before what she wanted to do. It impacted me because I have done some things that I should have turn around and made the right choice instead of doing what I wanted first. Biyanca has showed me even if you don’t want to do it make the right choice.

  19. Kaden DJ says:

    Luke K made a good choice involving everybody in our star when it is senator choice for picking a game and he dose this often and he also trades being in charge with Thomas VM

  20. Kimberly M. says:

    The student that I pick is John H. because he is sweet and kind to me and others around him. Whenever I ask him a question he response to the question that I ask. I can always count on John H to be my friend. Keep up the good attitude and work John :).

  21. Jada A. says:

    Someone who has made good choices is Sierra P. One good choice that I have seen Sierra do is be kind to everyone no matter what. It positively defines her because anyone is able to talk to her and she will start a conversation. It has positively impacted me because I feel like I can talk to her about anything. She also never puts me or others down.

  22. Krystal. E says:

    Biyanca always gets her work done and practices instruments. she always makes the right chose on what is most important for her life. With all the stuff she does she always finds time to hangout with her friends and still get her work done on time. Biyanca always tries her best and always do what is right for her self and others.

  23. Katie K. says:

    Kaylin T. is always nice and sweet to everyone she sees. She always makes sure everyone is having fun, and is enjoying the activity. Kaylin has shown me that you don’t have to be best friends with everyone, as long as you are being kind. This identifies her because I think of Kaylin as someone who will always be able to cheer me up.

  24. Alex Vh says:

    Cale T makes a good choice by working hard. When we sit next to each other in class, I sometimes want to mess around, but he tells me to keep working hard so I can stay off D.S. This shows that he wants me to do my best. It impacted me to work hard when we work together.

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