This month’s character topic is RESPECT.  RESPECT isn’t something you just get, like a new pair of shoes.  Respect is something that you earn though your words and actions.

  • Think of a student in your class/grade that you respect.  What does that person say and/or do that makes you respect him/her?
  • Think about students that are leaders in the classroom, in sports, in music, and/or just in the way they talk and interact with others.  These students are probably very respectful, and they positively influence those around them.

We want to celebrate students who show RESPECT every day, positively affecting themselves and others. In order to identify those students, please post a comment using the following bullet points as your guide:

  • NAME of any student in 7th grade that you RESPECT.  (first name, last initial) Remember this blog can be seen anywhere, so be aware of internet safety and do not post the person’s full name.  
  • IDENTIFY when, where and how you have seen this person show RESPECT
  • and HOW it has positively impacted you or another person.

23 Responses to VR’s STAR

  1. Riah H. says:

    The student I really respect is Luke K. He is nice to everyone whether deemed “cool” or not. He sits at my table at lunch and has never negatively talked about another person and tries to engage in conversation. He has impacted me because now I try to be more empathetic and think about how my actions impact those around me.

  2. Brett M. says:

    Luke K. He shows respect at youth group all the time by respecting others and respecting the church. He also is engaged in everything he does whether at school or at church. He is always nice to people and he builds people up. Instead of tearing them down. Luke is also respectful to teachers and classmates and he does not talk about people behind their backs.

  3. Austin O. says:

    I respect Luke K. I have seen him show respect when he respects the teachers by being quiet in class. He also helps others if they need help and is kind to everyone. It has impacted me because I want to be kind to everyone like him.

  4. Olivia O says:

    One person I really respect is Katie K. She is nice to everyone and she is always helping somebody out. Whenever I see someone that’s dropped their books in the hall Katie K is helping them pick them up.

  5. Mina A. says:

    Amanda H.
    I respect her because she always helps my in sports. Like in volleyball she helped me get better by cheering me on and telling me what I’m doing wrong so I can fix it. It impacts my by doing the same to others.

  6. Alicia H. says:

    I respect Alex N. all the time. Why I respect him is because in general music he always is listening and paying attention to Mrs.H. He always puts forth he’s best effort too. This has impacted me by wanting to listen and pay attention as much as he does. Also to try my hardest too.

  7. Braden K says:

    I respect Trey K because he always encourages people to do better He keeps me quiet in class and tell me when to shut it. He always is quiet during class and respects other. He makes me want to be quiet during class.

  8. Vanessa V.V. says:

    Nik W.
    I respect Nik because he encourages people to do better. He has helped people when they need it and has put them first instead of himself. With somebody like Nik in out school I think that will help us grow better.

  9. Amber J. says:

    I respect Jessica B. I respect Jessica B. because she would comfort me when I would be upset or stressed. She has impacted me by helping me out in my weakest points in my life, and she had helped her other friends when they were feeling down.

  10. Jackson T says:

    I respect Brock F. He is always nice to everybody and he never really gossips about anyone. He is always responsible and tells the truth.

  11. Trey K. says:

    I respect Trace K because he is respectful to teachers. And he comes in to ds to finish all of his work. And he encouraged me to get my homework done when I didn’t get it done. And he is very polite and respectful when he is telling someone to stop and is willing to help.

  12. Angel A says:

    The student that i respect is Evan T. He is respectful to others ,he doesn’t talk in class and even that he doesn’t have friends he tries to make more. I also respect Erick and Ronald because they like to help people if you have problems with English they will help you they are great friends.

  13. Simeon B says:

    I respect Luke K. He always is helping people with school and sports. He helps people when they need help in sports and doesn’t yell at them if they do it wrong. He makes me want to encourage other people and not get mad at them when they mess up.

  14. maddie s says:

    I think Ali V is a very respectful person. Ali always treats people the way she wants to be treated. Ali also strives to make sure that everyone feels welcome. Third Ali is always positive in the court and cheer are teammates. This has affected me because I want to be like her and treat everyone how I want to be treated.

  15. Erick A. says:

    Max O. is respectful because he would not interrupt while a teacher is giving direction during class and Star time. He would help students and let students listen from not being a distraction to students.

  16. Nikolai W. says:

    I respect Luke K. because he is a talent scout and notices the positives in people and not the negatives. I see him being respectful in sports when he encourages everyone even if the are not having the best game. I also see him being respectful in school if someone is struggling he helps them and he is not scared about what other people think about him. He impacted me because I am not the best person all of the time and he makes me want to be positive all of the time.

  17. Teylor D. says:

    Someone who I respect is Leah H. Why I respect her is because she is always cheering someone up and helping someone who is getting bullied. Leah shows respect in the hallways because she always picks trash even though it’s not hers also she is engaged in class and able to help other students to better. Leah also shows respect out of school to her friends. Also if people are being mean to her she just ignores them or tells them to think positive.

  18. Brandon L. says:

    Max O. is a really respectfull student because he helps me and other student and he treats others the way he want tp be treated and he listen to the teachers. It helps me because that means that I have to respect others like him and to listen to the teachers

  19. Logan F says:

    I respect Luke K.because he’s smart and he is always encouraging whether it’s in sports,school,out side of school and he’s there for you and he helps out his star and his team and he helps in the hallways and he’s just a nice respectful person and I just wish i was like him.

  20. Silvia R. says:

    I respect Nik W. because he is always encourages people on doing well in anything. He encourage people when we were laying volleyball. He is always paying attention in class so well. People really like to hang out with him because they feel left out.

  21. Abi E. says:

    I think that Biyanca D. is respectful because she includes others. I see her let other people play games with her at activity. She has helped me with some of my math that I was struggling with.

  22. Trace K. says:

    Trey K. because I’ve never heard him ask for anything and he is always willing to listen. He will always give things a try, even if he doesn’t want to. I see him do this everyday at school. I was able to talk about things that interest me and he was able to listen and share the things that he likes as well. He is always willing to help, too.

  23. MaximilianoO says:

    I have respect for Luke K who always comments on my clothes how nice they are and I see him helping kids in the hall and always a positive influence to others. Luke is always helpful to others and always has a smile on his face(:

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