This month’s character topic is CHOICES.  In the book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J.K. Rowling reminds us of the importance of choices through the character of Dumbledore who tells Harry, “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

Our choices define who we are, and who we are choosing to become.  This month we would like to celebrate the students of character who define themselves through their good choices.  Their choices not only define them, but they impact others in a positive way.  These students are role models, and we should want to follow where they lead.

In order to acknowledge these students and the good choices that they are making, please post a comment using the following bullet points as your guide:

  • NAME any student in 7th grade that you know has made a GOOD CHOICE.          (first name, last initial) Remember this blog can be seen anywhere, so be aware of internet safety and do not post the person’s full name.  
  • IDENTIFY what GOOD CHOICE you witnessed this person making.
  • EXPLAIN how it positively defined the person who made the choice.
  • Finally, DEFEND how that choice positively impacted you or another person. (How was this person a role model to you – even if they didn’t know it?)

25 Responses to VR’s STAR

  1. Braden K says:

    I’m writing about Jackson T because he was gone for a week and when he got back he got his homework done right away. It defined him as someone who doesn’t want late work. :)

  2. Brett M. says:

    Aaron G. I saw Aaron make a good choice when he helps people with their geography homework when they don’t understand something. It positively defined Aaron because it shows he is not always thinking about himself. He was a role model because he inspired me to want to help people if they are struggling or just don’t understand something.

  3. Brandon L. says:

    Luke K.
    He is a very kid and he helps others if they need it. His not mean or rude to any one in our building. Luke wants to tell us that we should be nice to people.

  4. Riah H. says:

    Jada A. is someone who I now makes good choices. She always gets her homework done and encourages others as well. She is always super sweet to me even when I least expect it. In band, she always plays and tries her hardest even when we might not know the rhythms or notes. She had inspired me to choose to always be considerate and respectful towards others even if they aren’t friends/friendly.

  5. Mina A. says:

    Riah H. is one of the people I saw do a good choice. I saw her do it a couple of weeks ago and what she did was when this person was sitting by herself she went and sat by her. After that a lot of people saw her do that, so they went and sat with her.

  6. Erick A. says:

    Ronald L. would always make students laugh and would lift students that are alone and make them part of the fun. One time it was a free Friday and Ronald L. went with someone instead with his friend.

  7. Alicia H. says:

    One free Friday America G. left our table to go sit with someone who was all by themselves at a table. I think by making that choice it would encourage others to the same thing. When I see someone by themselves at lunch or activity I will go by them.

  8. Amber J. says:

    Aryana D. has always helped people when they needed help. It had made its way into my heart to help me to help out others.

  9. Angel A says:

    Ronald L
    i think Ronald is a cool dude and he also is kind ,sometimes he helps others, i don’t remember a action that he did but i chose him because he’s a good example

  10. Simeon B. says:

    ~Luke K.
    ~Luke build everyone up on the basketball court and doesn’t tear anyone down.
    ~It has helped Luke to be the person that everyone wants to be around.
    ~It has helped me to want to bulil everyone up and not tear them down.

  11. Riah H. says:

    Jada A. is someone who I know makes good choices. She always gets her homework done and encourages others as well. She is always super sweet to me even when I least expect it. In band, she always plays and tries her hardest even when we might not know the rhythms or notes. She has inspired me to choose to always be considerate and respectful towards others even if they aren’t friends/friendly.

  12. Jackson T says:

    Luke K.
    I saw him make a good choice when we were playing basketball. There was a call having the ball going our way after it went out of bounds. Luke knew he was the last one to touch the ball. Luke told the ref he was the last one to touch it. That choice made the refs job easier because we didn’t have to deal with the coaches and kids arguing. That choice showed how honest Luke was.

  13. MaximilianoO says:

    Brett M
    Is a positive role model because he always makes me laugh and probably everyone else laugh, he brightens up my day everyday by doing that.(;

  14. Nikolai W. says:

    Caiden M.
    We were in 8th period study hall and I sit at his table and he always reminds us to be quiet when we get a little bit loud. He also stops himself when he is talking and shouldn’t be. This positively affects the people at our table because we are almost all quiet. He is a role model to me because he pushes me to be the best that I can.

  15. Olivia O says:

    -America G
    -On free friday one day, America moved to another group’s table because there was only 2 people over there.
    -It defined America as a nice person who’s willing to be there for her friends.
    -This impacted be because it made more motivated to be there for my friends if they need cheering up or if they look lonely.

  16. Austin O says:

    Luke K, he makes many good choices, but one that stood out to me was when we were working together on a worksheet, and he invited someone else that didn’t have a group to work with us. It defined him because he didn’t care who it was, he just didn’t want anyone to be left out. It impacted me because I want to be like that, and make sure others aren’t left out.

  17. Abi Esser says:

    Perla J.
    She let Rosa go with her to the probability games that she was playing. She made Rosa feel like she did not need to be shy or feel like she was excluded from what was going on.It made me want to walk around with Rosa and get to know her better than I already know about her.

  18. Teylor D. says:

    Dana P. and Vanessa VV are two people who made a good choice. I saw them making a good choice by helping a student who was going through things. They comforted her and helped her through the problem when others were laughing and talking about her. They stepped up and helped her. The choice defined them by showing that they are willing to stick up for someone and be there for someone even if others don’t think they should. The choice they made impacted the other person by letting them know that people are there for them and willing to help.

  19. maddie says:

    Nik W makes good choices all the time. On our way to bowling Nik was sitting by himself and and this one person did not have a seat so Nik said he/she could sit by him. This was a positive because no one else wanted to let this person sit by them. This affected everyone who say it because we all were stunned at what Nik did. This showed that Nik cares about everyone and does not want anyone to feel left out. Nik makes many other good choice too. This inspires me to care more about other people and include everyone.

  20. Vanessa V.V. says:

    Silvia R.:
    See made a good choice when she went to D. S. when she needed to get her homework done, even though she was not assigned.
    The choice that Silvia made was mature and it showed that she doesn’t want have late work.
    This choice that Silvia mad impacted people I think because it encourages people to come to D.S. so you can get your homework done on time even if you want to go to activity.

  21. Silvia R. says:

    Vanessa V.V.
    She is always making good choices. She helps people when they don’t get their homework or when they don’t get it done. Also when it is free Friday she lets people that are not her friends sit with her and her friends. Vanessa does her homework without being asked. I try to do the same things as Vanessa help others and when they don’t have a friend to be one for them.

  22. Trey K. says:

    When Trace was doing something he wasn’t suppose to he came back the next day and told what and why he did it. I think it defines him as a person that realizes what he did was wrong and he should take responsibility. I think it affected me because when I do something wrong I should take the responsibility and explain why I did it.

  23. Xavier P. says:

    America G.
    On a “Free Friday” Nate was sitting alone at a lunch table on the back of the cafiterria. Then I saw America get up from where she was sitting with her friends and go sit with Nate. It shows that America cares for others and tries to be the best friend she can be to anyone, not just her friends. From that day on, America has shown me how to be kind to anyone and how to make good choices.

  24. Gerson R . says:

    Jesus R. makes a good choice because he finishes his homework. He tries hard in school and outside of school. When I see him working hard at hard things, I want to try hard, too.

  25. Trace K. says:

    Abi E.
    Abi E. always chooses to look at the good side of things. I don’t think I have ever seen her look at the bad side of things, she always has a positive attitude. I think this encourages people to look at the bright side of things and not have a bad attitude, also I think she is a good role model for every one. Keep up the good work Abi E.

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