This month’s character topic is KINDNESS and CARING.  There are many small acts of kindness and caring that impact our lives, and sometimes we pay attention and we appreciate those random acts of kindness, and sometimes we get so focused on ourselves that we take them for granted.

This month we would like to take time to focus on the random acts of kindness that have impacted us and made our lives better in some way.  We want to celebrate students who positively affect the climate of our school each and every day through their KINDNESS and CARING.  In order to acknowledge these students, please post a comment using the following bullet points as your guide:

  • NAME any student in 7th grade that you know has shown KINDNESS or CARING to you or another student.  (first name, last initial) Remember this blog can be seen anywhere, so be aware of internet safety and do not post the person’s full name.  
  • IDENTIFY when, where and how you have seen this person show KINDNESS and CARING.
  • EXPLAIN how it positively impacted you or another person.
  • Finally, tell how you plan to pay it forward from their example.

21 Responses to VR’s STAR

  1. Braden K says:

    1. Austin O. is nice to other people when they need help
    2. In the classroom he helps people with homework
    3. it helped this person bc they got there homework done
    4. I will try to do that more often

  2. Riah H. says:

    1. Ava S.
    2. She includes everyone and is nice to them no matter who they are.
    3. I think it makes other people want to be inclusive too and it has a very positive impact on the person who receives the kindness.
    4. I think I can pay it forward by always thinking how my actions might affect other people.

  3. Simeon B says:

    ~Brett VG.
    ~Brett helped me understand my math homework. It impacted me because it helped me understand the problems.
    ~I could help someone who was at a lesson during class time to learn the problems.

  4. Amber J. says:

    1. Biyanca D.
    2. At activity on Friday she helped her sister when nobody listened to her and she was alone.
    3. It had kept her sister from being forever alone and feeling sad.
    4. I plan to pay it forward by helping those who need help.

  5. MaximilianoO says:

    Luke K showing a act of kindness to me and him saying hi to me in the hallways and checking on how im doing, It impacted me to be happy(: for the rest of the day, How I plan to pay it forward I plan to do the same as him.

  6. maddie s says:

    Mina A
    Day to day I see Mina showing kindness to her friends and everyone around her. she is always willing to help u if u need something. She can always put smile on peoples faces. This has positively affected me because I want to be a nicer person and be more willing to help anyone that needs help.

  7. Trey K. says:

    1. Micah D.
    2.In exploratory he was helping an SR kid get caught up
    3.It positively impacted them because they didn’t have to struggle with their work because Micah helped them understand it.
    4.I will pay it forward from that by remembering how hard it may be for others to understand without help and that will motivate me to help them.

  8. Nikolai W. says:

    1. Caiden Moss
    2. Before Christmas in Study Hall in the Cafeteria Caiden helped me with my Geography homework so I wouldn’t have to bring my homework to my house
    3. This act of kindness affected me because I could go home and not have to worry about doing my homework.
    4. I plan to pay it forward by helping anyone on their homework if they need help

  9. Olivia O says:

    1. Alicia H
    2. I can’t remember the day this happened, but Alicia had the idea to make one of our friends a going away present b/c she was moving soon. It made me really happy to think about what our friend’s reaction would be when she got the gift
    3. I payed it forward by also helping by putting something into the gift

  10. Silvia R. says:

    1. Maddie
    2. Everyday at school by saying kind things all being there, caring bout what is happening to other.
    3.Maddie makes everyone laugh and smile by being funny, she is fair with everyone.
    4. Make everyone laugh, be funny to everyone at any times.

  11. Alicia H. says:

    1. Biyanca D.
    2. In science class someone dropped their papers and she helped them pick up the papers.
    3. It impacted the person who dropped them because they didn’t have to pick up their papers themselves.
    4. I want to help people more.

  12. Vanessa V.V. says:

    1. Ava S.
    2.This semester I had dropped my stuff on my way to science. Ava came to me and helped me pick up my things, even if she was going to be late. We weren’t late but she still put somebody else before herself.
    3. I think this will positively impact another person because it will make them feel good.
    4. I plan to help other people even if it means I will be late because I know how it felt when I got help.

  13. Teylor D. says:

    1. Maddie S.
    2. I saw her showing kindness on the basketball court. She helped someone when who fell. She helped her get up. Maddie also kindness to someone who missed her layup and still congrulated her even though she didn’t make the shot.
    3. It impacted the person by letting her know that even she didn’t make it she still tried and never gave up and someone is there to build that person up and not tear them down even though she made a mistake.
    4. I plan to pay Maddie’s act forward by letting my teammates know that they are doing a good job even if they missed a shot. Also by showing kindness to them by helping them up and keep building them up.

  14. Austin O. says:

    1. Cody B.
    2. I have seen Cody show kindness on the basketball court during practices and games. He is always cheering for everybody else on the team.
    3. This impacts me and everybody else because then other people will do the same and that is good for the team.
    4. I will try to do the same and keep encouraging others during the practices and games.

  15. Logan F says:

    Ronald L
    About every day he says hi or gives me a high five and it makes me feel good
    A way I could show kindness is by doing the same thing and making people welcome.

  16. Trace K. says:

    1. Trey K.
    In the lunch room I was going to sit by myself during Free Friday, but Trey came over and asked if he could sit with me. This made me feel good because I had someone to be with, talk to, and not be alone. I think next time I will also offer to help someone when they need it.

  17. Gerson R . says:

    Brandon L. helps me when I don’t understand the homework that Mrs. VK gives to me. He is a good friend and he likes to help people learn English. It helps me to not get frustrated when i don’t understand something. I do the same thing and help my friends and family that are learning English.

  18. Xavier P. says:

    Sierra P.
    She would calm me down if I got a little agitated and if I was feeling down she would cheer me up. She has positively impacted me by calming me down and getting me ready for the next period. I will pay it forward by helping someone in a time of need.

  19. Jackson T says:

    Caiden Moss.
    He is always doing everything with a positive attitude and he’s always encouraging everyone.
    This effects me because it help cheers me and my teammates up when were not very happy
    I plan to pay it forward by acting more positive than negative, and not putting people down.

  20. Brett M. says:

    Braden B
    1. Braden helps me all the time at school by picking up my things whenever I drop them, and he also helps me with my home whenever I have a question.
    2. This impacts me because it helps keep me out of D.S. and it also helps me so I’m not late to class
    3. I plan to pay it forward whenever him or someone else needs help on homework, or with dropping their things or anything else.

  21. Abi E. says:

    I have seen kindness and respect from Alicia because in my time of troubles she always helps me through them and builds me up. It let’s me know that I can do what she does.

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