Wieking’s STAR

This month’s character topic is KINDNESS and CARING.  There are many small acts of kindness and caring that impact our lives, and sometimes we pay attention and we appreciate those random acts of kindness, and sometimes we get so focused on ourselves that we take them for granted.

This month we would like to take time to focus on the random acts of kindness that have impacted us and made our lives better in some way.  We want to celebrate students who positively affect the climate of our school each and every day through their KINDNESS and CARING.  In order to acknowledge these students, please post a comment using the following bullet points as your guide:

  • NAME any student in 7th grade that you know has shown KINDNESS or CARING to you or another student.  (first name, last initial) Remember this blog can be seen anywhere, so be aware of internet safety and do not post the person’s full name.  
  • IDENTIFY when, where and how you have seen this person show KINDNESS and CARING.
  • EXPLAIN how it positively impacted you or another person.
  • Finally, tell how you plan to pay it forward from their example.

20 Responses to Wieking’s STAR

  1. Carson J says:

    -Caiden M
    -When we are in gym class he is always encouraging people to do their best and to work harder
    -It has made me feel good when he encourages me and I’m sure it is the same to other people
    -I want to do the exact same thing except every where I go

  2. Carolynn M. says:

    I have seen Yeka G. being kind to everyone in basketball. She cheers for everyone and is always positive. I am going to try to cheer everyone on now because when people cheer for you it makes you feel a lot better.

  3. Kye K. says:

    I think Cody B. is kind and caring. He has shown this when people aren’t feeling good/happy. He will ask them what’s wrong and just makes them feel good. He helps people with their work if they missed it or if they don’t understand it. This has impacted people because they can trust Cody and people will want to do that too. This encourages me to try to be nice and do some of the things that Cody does.

  4. Leah H. says:

    I think that Emma Sassman is a really kind and caring person. When we are in P.E., she always tells others who are struggling how they are doing a good job and how they should keep it up. She also always brings a positive attitude to the classroom. I’m gonna try and be like by helping others when they need it when I see someone who is struggling with someone I’m gonna try and help them in whatever way I can.

  5. Dylan S says:

    Jose A. He is very nice person because he does care about people but you have to get to know him and respect him. He is also kind because he is considerate of others. He’s a very good friend too. It reminds me to do the same and when I have opportunities to be a good person it encourages me to do it.

  6. Caiden M. says:

    Nik. W. One time I saw Nik do something nice and good was in a study hall. In the study hall, Brady V.G. needed some help on his homework and he was stuck on something. Nik then decided to help him, but not give the answers. This has positively impacted our study hall table because now when someone needs help, we can help them. This also influences me to help someone when they’re stuck and not give out the answers at the same time.

  7. Yeka G. says:

    Emma S.
    I have seen Emma being kind to others when others aren’t being kind. Emma cares about theirs like how they feel and if they’re okay. Emma shows this with her friends. She will ask them if they’re okay and if not she will cheer them up. She shows others that she is kind by helping them with things. Like if they can’t do somthing she’ll be there and help them. If I help others with their stuff when they need help, and if I see someone down I will ask them if they’re okay.

  8. Madison T. says:

    Aryana D. She says thank you to the bus driver when she gets off the bus or she says thank you to a teacher for class. She stands up for other people.

  9. Jose says:

    A student I chose was Dylan S. he’s is pretty kind most of the time. One time I was feeling down and annoyed but Dylan told me something that made me laugh. I guess I can trust him to make me laugh when I need it. I will pay it forward if anyone is feeling down I will try to make them laugh.

  10. Sterling H. says:

    Brady V. has show kindness when someone has been having a hard time in school and he just help them get through their day so that they can have a day. How am I going to pay this forward by when anybody is having a hard time I will help them to have a good day by maybe saying something encourging to someone that can lift up their spirts.

  11. Cody B says:

    Micah D is a person that always shows kindness and caring. If he is in a group and people are talking about others negatively, he will step in and let them know that they shouldn’t do that. In basketball practice, some people were not paying attention and I heard him tell them to stop. He didn’t say that to be mean, he said that because he cares. One way I can pay it forward is by stepping up in that group situation and honoring the absent.

  12. Nate P. says:

    America G. Is a great friend she always helps me with my life just by making me laugh she makes my day better and makes me want to go to school all my friends help me through my day so thank you for what you do. I will try to help you out in the future and not have DS so much so we can talk.

  13. Micah D. says:

    Luke K. is a good example of someone who does the right thing. When I miss a shot in basketball he is always encouraging me and everyone else to be the best we can be. He builds people up instead of tearing them down. When he encourages me and others I get what I need to keep trying. When I see someone else make a mistake I can rub off some of his example and help them out.

  14. Carolynn M. says:

    Kaylin T.
    I have seen Kaylin being kind to others and to me. She always helps me with math homework if I get confused. On the bus she always lets anyone sit by her if they need a seat. Seeing other people like Kaylin being kind to everyone makes me want to let people sit by me on the bus and help people with homework.

  15. perla j says:

    Grace G she is a nice person she helps other if they need help and she is a very kind person she is kind to others around her.

  16. Brady S. says:

    Bret M, he makes people laugh, and helps everyone out if people are down you can count on him to make you laugh and cheer you up. when he gets people to laugh and help them with thighs they start having a better day. if i see someone who looks down i’ll try to get them to laugh so they can have a good day.

  17. Dana P. says:

    America G has shown kindness to me. I was trying to do the science homework and I couldn’t figure it out she stopped doing what she was doing just to help me out. That showed me that she will go out of her way to help others. I’m going to start to helping people more then I do now.

  18. Conner O. says:

    -Brayden M.
    Brayden has always shown kindness to me, from walking around school in the morning or hanging out at cattle shows in the summer. At school I see him helping others that need help with their homework, he will never make fun of you for what you don’t know. At cattle shows he is by the show ring with positive reinforcement to say to you as you enter the show ring. This helps me or others to keep their head held high and be proud of yourself. I try to pay that forward to him and other friends at the fair by giving them reinforcement, watching them show their livestock, and no matter the outcome telling them good job at the end of the show. Overall Brayden’s reinforcement helps me to be a better person.

  19. Carolynn M. says:

    Maddie S. has been a kind friend to everyone on the basketball court. Whenever I miss a shot she encourages me and tells me that I will make my next shot. I want to start encouraging other a lot more because it boosts your confidence and makes you feel better about yourself.

  20. Carolynn M. says:

    Kalia R. has shown me kindness many times. Kalia always helps me with my math in study hall when I need help. I want to help other people with their home work when they need help.

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