Wieking’s STAR

This month’s character topic is RESPECT.  RESPECT isn’t something you just get, like a new pair of shoes.  Respect is something that you earn though your words and actions.

  • Think of a student in your class/grade that you respect.  What does that person say and/or do that makes you respect him/her?
  • Think about students that are leaders in the classroom, in sports, in music, and/or just in the way they talk and interact with others.  These students are probably very respectful, and they positively influence those around them.

We want to celebrate students who show RESPECT every day, positively affecting themselves and others. In order to identify those students, please post a comment using the following bullet points as your guide:

  • NAME of any student in 7th grade that you RESPECT.  (first name, last initial) Remember this blog can be seen anywhere, so be aware of internet safety and do not post the person’s full name.  
  • IDENTIFY when, where and how you have seen this person show RESPECT
  • and HOW it has positively impacted you or another person.

29 Responses to Wieking’s STAR

  1. Carson J says:

    Brock F,
    I have seen Brock show respect when we are on the football field. When ever we are down or are getting beat he is always trying to lift us up. It has positively impacted me when i’m on the football fiels to act like him and always try to build people up.

  2. Leah H. says:

    Aby N.
    Whenever I have a class with her she is always listening and working on what ever she is supposed to be doing. She is quiet and doesn’t talk when she isn’t supposed to. I think that she has taught me that learning is way more important than socializing during class. Every class I have with her she reminds me of how important being quiet and listening is.

  3. Jayden C. says:

    I think that Amanda H. is really good at basketball. She listens very well and know’s what she’s doing at all times. She is very respectful when she listens. I think that her listening skills helps her to be a better basketball player. I respect her and hope I can be like her someday.

  4. Sterling H. says:

    David H has shown me respect on the bus because not every one has a seat on the bus and when I need a seat you will kindly let me sit with you. That is one place that you showed respect to me and other people.

  5. Conner O. says:

    Brayden M.
    Brayden is constantly kind and respectful, he always has somthing nice to say and listens to what you have to say. He has made me want to show more kindness to others.

  6. Carolynn M. says:

    I think Leah H. treats everyone with respect. She always picks up trash in the halls and stands up for people if they are getting bullied. If you ever say anything negative to her she either ignores you or tells you a way to look at the bright side. Whenever someone is sad she is right there to help them. I think it has impacted her because she gets tickets and it makes her a better, happier person.

  7. Micah D. says:

    Luke K because he is nice to the new kids that are coming to our school. It has positively impacted others int the way that they are glad that when they do not have any friends yet someone is still treating them nicely. They feel more comfortable at our school.

  8. Caiden M. says:

    One person that I think is respectful is Carson J because he is very nice and respectful to others. He is a good leader in sports and at school. He also doesn’t gossip about people when they are not around. I’ve seen him do these things when I am with him and it has impacted me by being a better person.

  9. Nevaeh S. says:

    Leah H. has shown respect in school, sports activities, and outside of school. She is always encouraging and never says anything bad about someone. If someone needs help she is always there for them. She is also a very good leader. This has impacted me to do the same.

  10. Kye K. says:

    I think that Luke K. shows respect by not boasting about his skills and that he is being humble about that. Whenever I am around him, he is always talking good things about other people and he never makes fun of or talks about people behind their backs.This impacts others because they know that they can trust him to not talk about them behind their backs and they know that they have found a nice humble friend.

  11. Dylan S says:

    I think Brock F shows great respect to others. He has great show of character and kindness. He cares for others, shows respect to everyone, and keeps others on task. He’s a great friend to be around. He is very good at sports and he is a great leader in our school. He wants to learn and involves in class. He will help others with great respect. His attitude is always positive and is a all around great person to be around.

  12. Nate P. says:

    Brett M. He’s a good friend who’s got a great sense of humor and can make anyone laugh he stands up for friends and helps them with thier problems.

  13. Alyssa V says:

    I respect Emily T. She is always respectful to all people. She is always listening to teachers, not just hearing them. She also is always helping other students and never being disrespectful to anyone. She is quiet and never disrupts a teachers class. She is a great role model to others and always helps others be the best they can be.

  14. Brenden VZ says:

    I think that Luke K. shows shows a lot of respect to other people by not judging them and treating them like he would treat any one else. I have seen Luke do this in and outside of school many times. One example is when he wanted to welcome every one who didn’t have a table on Free Friday to sit at the table he was at. This can impact people because some people who don’t get noticed or respected, get respected by Luke. He shows me and much more people how to treat each other.

  15. Madison T. says:

    I think Aryana D. because she stands up for people that being bullied (example: one of her friends or her sister is being bullied and she stands up for her).

  16. Dana P. says:

    I think that Yeka is really helpful. I saw her in the hall and someone dropped there stuff and she helped them pick it up. I think she is really respectful. She is really helpful, and good at encouraging people.

  17. Kael A says:

    Austin O.
    He has been a good example on the football field and never argues at the ref, he also never celebrates after a touchdown, this has moved me to try and become a better sport even when things don’t go my way.

  18. Emma S. says:

    I respect Ali V. because she includes everyone and helps people when they need it. Ali is one of our senators, that shows that she impacts people positively everyday. She is a great friend to everyone.

  19. Cody B says:

    The person that I think has really good character is Luke K. I have seen Luke show respect anywhere whether it is on the basketball court, the football field, in class, in the band room, etc. Luke can show respect anytime he can to anyone he can. He is always trying to keep people positive around him and is always lifting people up. Luke does a good job of keeping others accountable and helping them whenever they need it. He is also very good at honoring the absent.

  20. Grace G says:

    I respect Leah H.because she is so nice. She is a good friend to have and she will always have a big smile on her face. I respect Leah she is a very good friend. Leah, you are a good friend to have.

  21. Jose A says:

    Angel A.
    It was his first day here and we were talking out in activity, and he showed me respect. i don’t know how to explain it but i know he was showing me respect and i gave him respect back, like my uncle told me once “Don’t respect anyone who doesn’t respect you back”

  22. Perla J says:

    Carolyn M. respects others and she respects teachers. Carolyn M. she help me respect people and how to do the right thing.

  23. Landan V says:

    Caiden M
    He is always positive while playing sports. He brings us up so he can make us feel better and we can do better.

  24. Zuleyka R says:

    Nik W I think Nik is very respectful if you ask him to do something nicely he will do it. He is also a good friend and he encourages people a lot. If he sees that someone is down he will ask and if they don’t want to talk he is respectful of that.

  25. Alexa R says:

    I feel like Jorge A is respectful because he always tries to make people laugh no matter what the situation is. He is very kind and he always brings out the best in people.

  26. Brady S. says:

    someone I respect Alex S. because he doesn’t interrupt teachers when there talking. when the teacher are saying something hes quite and listens to them. he pays attention in class. he also respects the teacher and is part of are discussions. I respect him because he is active, he can be funny, and is a good friend.

  27. Alex S says:

    Somebody I respect is Brady S. because on my first day of a new school, he showed me around and taught me where things are, or where things are. I still don’t know him that well, but he taught me a valuable lesson, that even if you don’t feel like it, or it takes up your time, that you should always be friendly to others feeling lonely.

  28. Angel H says:

    I think Alyssa V. is respectful she is always willing to help someone with there homework, or help set up something for a school activity. She has helped people at our study hall table with homework but she never does it for them.

  29. Yeka G. says:

    Leah H.
    I think that Leah is a respectful person because she always helps others and likes to make them laugh. She’s helpful by helping others pick up, and helping by like asking if they need help and etc. Leah is respectful when you respect her.

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