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This month’s character topic is CHOICES.  In the book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J.K. Rowling reminds us of the importance of choices through the character of Dumbledore who tells Harry, “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

Our choices define who we are, and who we are choosing to become.  This month we would like to celebrate the students of character who define themselves through their good choices.  Their choices not only define them, but they impact others in a positive way.  These students are role models, and we should want to follow where they lead.

In order to acknowledge these students and the good choices that they are making, please post a comment using the following bullet points as your guide:

  • NAME any student in 7th grade that you know has made a GOOD CHOICE.          (first name, last initial) Remember this blog can be seen anywhere, so be aware of internet safety and do not post the person’s full name.  
  • IDENTIFY what GOOD CHOICE you witnessed this person making.
  • EXPLAIN how it positively defined the person who made the choice.
  • Finally, DEFEND how that choice positively impacted you or another person. (How was this person a role model to you – even if they didn’t know it?)

23 Responses to Wieking’s STAR

  1. Yeka G. says:

    Leah H.
    I think that Leah makes good choices when it comes to bad things. When someone else is doing something wrong, she tells them what’s the good thing to do instead of doing the wrong thing. She always chooses what’s right to do in the classroom and what’s good outside of school. This can impact to others by telling each other what’s the good thing to do.

  2. Nevaeh S. says:

    I have seen Jada A. make good choices in school and outside of school. She gets all of her homework done on time and works hard. These are great choices to make.

  3. Emma S. says:

    Yeka G. has made many good choices. Everyday she includes people that look left out. I always see her thinking of others and wanting to make them happy.She is always doing the right thing.

  4. Jayden C. says:

    I have seen Amanda H. making good choices by helping people when they drop their supplies or when she see’s someone getting bullied she helps by trying to stop it. She always does the right thing.

  5. Dana P. says:

    Carolynn M. – I have seen her around the school she helps people when they need help she will go out of her way to make people feel like they are welcome.

  6. Sterling H. says:

    David H. made a good choice because one time people were doing bad things and he said not to do it, and that was a good choice because the people doing those bad things got caught. David made the right choice not to do it, and that is what makes him a good choice maker.

  7. Jayden C. says:

    I have seen Nevaeh S. make good choices by helping others when they need help and making sure everyone gets treated with respect.

  8. Nevaeh S. says:

    I have seen Jayden C. make good choices. She is a great friend and works hard in school. She makes good choices everyday.

  9. Carolynn M. says:

    Someone I know that has made good choices is Kalia R. When Kalia does sports, and in class, she listens and follows the directions. This way, she gets good grades and is really good at sports. In class, she always knows what is going on. In sports, she is always ready for the ball and knows whats coming. It impacts other people because they want to pay attention and do good in sports.

  10. Caiden M. says:

    I think that Cody B. shows great character at school. He makes good decisions also in school sports. Everywhere we go, Cody makes sure that everyone is making good choices. He is also a very humble person. In school, Cody encourages people and helps others. It positively impacts other people by influencing them to be a good person.

  11. perla j says:

    Angel H. Has made good choices like helping other if they need help. Angel tells people to stay on track. Angel always stays on track in classroom.

  12. Conner O. says:

    Dylan S. has made a good choice in literature when he decided to work harder at being quiet so that allowed every one else to concentrated in class.

  13. Nate says:

    Leah H.
    While the teacher was out of the room and lots of people were talking Leah was quiet and waited for the teacher to come back in the room

  14. Alex S says:

    I think that Cody B displays a really positive attitude. He always does and says the right thing no matter what people think. He has good respect to all teachers and students. He is honest, kind, and he has a good sense of humor.He makes me feel comfortable to be who I really am, even at a new school. He positively impacts the way people think about themselves and others. Thank you, Cody.

  15. Micah D. says:

    Luke K
    He is nice to everyone. It positively impacts people because they feel good about themselves. It would be a good idea to follow his role because other people would be glad that people were being nice to them.

  16. Nevaeh S. says:

    I think that Alex S. makes good choices because he is quiet and can make friends easily. He works great with groups and doesn’t bully anyone. He made a choice to be involved in choir, too.

  17. Kael A says:

    Kye K. makes very good choices around the school. He helps people out in sports, and around the classroom. He helps people when they are feeling down too.

  18. Carson J says:

    Kael A. has made very good choices in practices and in school. He is usually promoting good behavior. He also makes sure that people are doing the right thing like not talking, and making sure they are actually listening.

  19. Angel H says:

    Emma S.
    She is a friend to everyone
    people want to be around her

  20. Madison T. says:

    Aryana D She says thank you to the bus driver when she gets off the bus and to the teacher for class when class is over. She helps people pick up their stuff when it falls on the floor. I think about telling the bus driver thank you when I get off the bus, but I just forget to. I will say thank you to a teacher for class when class is over. I do sometimes help people pick up their stuff when it falls on the floor, but it doesn’t happen that offen

  21. Cody B says:

    Kye K makes good choices. If he had to make a decision between hanging out with certain people, he would choose to be with people that would make him successful at being kind and being respectful. He has showed this on the basketball court, at school, away from school, and more places. It helps me make good choices on my decisions with friends.

  22. Alyssa V says:

    Conner O.
    Conner always chooses to do his schoolwork and be nice to everyone which I think is a good choice. This is positive because it inspires other people to do those things. It also inspires me to try and be a good person like him and make good choices.

  23. Leah H. says:

    I’ve seen Caeleigh make many good choices. When we have free Friday she will move if we have to many people or she will go sit with someone who doesn’t have anyone else at their table. During activity she encourages when we play volleyball and she will play with someone who doesn’t have someone to play with. Her doing that constantly makes me want to continue to make good choices to help and encourage others.

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