ACT/SAT Test Preparation Opportunity

August 18th, 2010

Being accepted into college, as well as handling the cost of college can be somewhat overwhelming for families these days. Students who score well on the ACT or SAT tests increase their chances for acceptance as well as increase their financial aid packages. Below is an opportunity for students to receive free test preparation software.

ACT/SAT Test Preparation Opportunity:
eKnowledge Corporation, the leading supplier of interactive learning software for college test preparation is donating SAT and ACT Test Prep Programs to high school students across America. eKnowledge recently announced the continuation of its Sponsorship Alliance Program, donating free world class SAT and ACT College Test Preparation Programs. (These test-prep programs are valued at $200.00.)

Over the past five years, with the support of caring NFL and MLB players, and Sponsorship Alliance Partners including NFHS, eKnowledge has donated over $32 million of FREE SAT/ACT College Test Preparation Products. eKnowledge has received over 55,000 thank you letters and testimonials from grateful recipients of the donation.

The software may be ordered online or by telephone.

To order online, follow these two simple steps:
1. Visit:
2. Enter Sponsorship Code: 31B8607802

To order by telephone: 951-256-4076, mention you heard about the donation through NFHS
There is a nominal charge of $13.84 per standard program for the cost of materials, processing, distribution and customer service. eKnowledge does not profit from this donation program.

Professional Operating Principles

August 3rd, 2010

In answering the question, “What can we expect from each other on a daily basis?” the MOC-Floyd Valley High School Faculty came up with the professional operating principles listed below. None of us can claim perfection, but we do strive to adhere to these principles.

Professional Operating Principles

*We will be positive, respectful, and proactive in all communication—with faculty, staff, students and parents!

*We will value one another and our gifts—utilizing them to best serve our students!

*We will be professional and act with integrity—

dealing with individual concerns on an individual basis.
presuming positive intentions.
encouraging one another as we continuously stretch and grow.
always keeping a sense of humor.