Strategic Planning

October 24th, 2013

Every five years the MOC-Floyd Valley Community School District engages in a strategic planning process. We do this to make sure that we are clear on our mission and to better align our decisions with that mission. One outcome of the 2009 strategic planning process was our current mission statement— MOC-Floyd Valley, fostering learning, excellence, and civic responsibility.

The focus of our strategic planning process for this year will be to consider the state of education and the state of our District and then to clarify our focus around this mission of fostering learning, excellence, and civic responsibility.

Mr. Les Douma will again be working with the District to complete the strategic plan. We have invited several community members, parents, staff members, Board members and students to participate in the process. We recognize that time is precious and truly appreciate their willingness to contribute their time and perspective to this important process.

We will begin the strategic planning process with a brief meeting on October 29. During that meeting, Mr. Douma and I will explain the process and allow participants to choose how they would like to serve. We will have three areas of focus and will break into smaller subgroups to address each of the areas.

They are:

• Facilities and resources to support learning
• Technology to support learning
• Collaboration, climate and belonging to support learning
• Safety to support learning

During the initial meeting, participants will choose which subgroup on which they will serve. Subgroups will meet and complete their work by December 20 and submit a report for the whole strategic planning team.  On January 13, 2014, the entire strategic planning team will meet to finalize proposed action steps that will guide us as we make decisions for the next five years.