Strategic Planning at work . . .

January 23rd, 2014

In October I shared a bit of information about the strategic planning process we were going to use to set the course for the next five years.  That process got underway on October 29 with Mr. Les Douma facilitating the discussion.  At that meeting, the forty-eight members of the School Improvement Advisory Council (SIAC) selected the action teams on which they served.  Representatives from our School Board also served on each of the action teams.  These teams then met throughout November and December to complete their tasks.

On January 13, the entire SIAC Team met.  Action team reports were presented to the collective group.   During the team reports, specific strategies and supporting action steps were shared.  These strategies and action steps will be considered for formal adoption at the February 10, School Board Meeting.

Below are the specific strategies from each team, along with brief progress reports.  Beginning with the March School Board meeting, we will regularly report ongoing progress on our efforts to implement the strategies throughout the District.

Facilities and Resources to Support Learning

Strategy #1—We will develop and maintain our facilities and resources with an emphasis on positively impacting student learning.

  • Consideration will be given to recommendations presented in Appendix A of the Facilities & Resources to Support Learning Team Report.

Progress report—The School Board approved hiring an architect to develop preliminary plans that revolve around the team’s report.

Technology to Support Learning

Strategy #1—We will make decisions regarding technology by answering the following questions:

  • Will this action support equipping our students to engage effectively in a world saturated with technology?
  • Will this action allow technology to be utilized in classrooms to deepen understanding and engagement?

Strategy #2—We will design a process for staying current on possibilities for utilizing technology.

Progress Report—The technology department and the administrative team have met to specifically consider the future direction of the District with these strategies guiding the discussion.

Climate and Belonging to Support Learning

Strategy #1—We will provide and maintain a safe, welcoming, student-centered environment throughout the school district.

Strategy #2—We will strive to communicate effectively with students and their families.

Strategy #3—We will encourage and develop positive “school spirit.”

Progress Report—Principals are working with each of their staff teams to review our current practices and current facilities using the strategies and accompanying descriptors to guide the discussions.  In regards to school spirit, Mr. Mulder is also enlisting the wisdom of student leaders.

Safety to Support Learning

Strategy #1—We will provide staff with the resources, programs, and support essential to creating a safe school community.

Strategy #2— We will be proactive and strive to provide a safe, bully-free environment at MOC-Floyd Valley.

Strategy #3—We will regularly review our system with a focus on safety and will make any necessary adjustments.

Progress Report—We have updated our Emergency Procedures Manual (EPM).  We have also developed, distributed, and reviewed an EPM flipchart for staff, and we have established specific emergency response teams in each building. 

We are constantly working with staff and students implement Strategy #2 and know that it will be an ongoing effort. 

We had a safety audit this year and will continue this on an every-other-year basis.  Finally, we have added an AED at the high school and we are in the process of labeling all outside entrances and updating the locks on classroom doors.