Technology to support learning at MOC-Floyd Valley

February 19th, 2015

Technology – it certainly has changed the way we interact with and see the world! At MOC-Floyd Valley, we are working to embrace the opportunities and manage the challenges that come with ever-changing technology. Last year, during our strategic plan, we established the following goal regarding technology to support learning at MOC-Floyd Valley: “Students will utilize technology to engage effectively in a world saturated with technology.”

In support of this goal, we are working to create a situation where students and teachers are able to consistently and easily utilize technology to:

    • Deepen learning and enhance problem-solving skills
    • Heighten engagement
    • Individualize and personalize instruction and learning
    • Multiply students’ interaction and interplay with the world
    • Create relevance and real-life context
    • Efficiently manage important data that drives instruction
    • Communicate easily and seamlessly w/ various stakeholders in order to partner in the educational process

We are committed to providing the network and devices to allow for this type of teaching/learning environment. Thanks to the expertise of our district technology team (currently made up of Jack Bonnecroy, Joel Bundt and Sandy Groom Meeks), the network and infrastructure throughout the district are strong. Because of this, we have been able to increase the number of devices for students and staff, while continuing to have adequate internet access.

We are attempting to design our system to maximize our resources, stay as current as possible with the technology, and minimize the maintenance needs. We have developed a five-year plan for purchasing/leasing to support this design, and we are planning to hire additional personnel to assist in the maintenance and upkeep of all of the technology we have.

Just as important as having the devices and access, is having the skills and mindset necessary to utilize them. Sandy Groom Meeks joined the MOC-Floyd Valley team as our technology integration specialist this year. She works tirelessly to assist staff members and students in developing these ever-important skills and mindset. We are making great strides in this area, and with the Teacher Leadership Grant in place next year, each building will also have building-level technology leader to assist Sandy in serving teachers.