Safety on the Bus

August 24th, 2017

We are fortunate to have a team of drivers who are committed to transporting your children safely to and from school and school activities each day.   We recognize how precious every student is, and want to make sure that we do all that we can to keep them safe – not only in school – but as they travel to and from school.

To that end, our entire transportation team participated in some excellent safety training led by Highway Patrolman, Vince Kurtz and Sioux County Sheriff’s Deputy, Waylon Pollema.  They covered many topics, ranging from expectations for students riding the bus to de-escalating student behaviors to dealing with potential intruders on the bus.

Below are a few things that parents and other drivers can do to help our drivers keep our students safe:

  • NEVER pass a stopped school bus while the stop-arm is extended – from either direction!  This happens more than one might think – both on school grounds and at route stops on town and rural roads.  The fines are steep, and more importantly, lives are at stake!
  • NEVER drive through or park in the bus loading and unloading areas at the buildings during the restricted times.  There is too much congestion and the visibility is far too dangerous!
  • If you need to communicate with a driver, contact the school office or district office and the message will be relayed to the driver via radio.  Drivers have been instructed not to allow anyone other than student passengers on to the bus.  They have also been instructed not to stop and visit with anyone other than student passengers while transporting students.

We also try to clearly communicate student expectations while riding the school bus.  Parents, please review these rules and expectations with your children and encourage them ride safely and respectfully!

MOC-Floyd Valley Community School District Bus Rules & Expectations

A safe, orderly, and respectful environment for everyone is the expectation on the school bus.  Whenever students are riding a school bus, whether on a regular route each day or on a field trip, they are responsible to follow these rules. Parents are urged to encourage good bus riding habits so that the driver may direct his or her attention to the surrounding traffic and to safe loading and unloading procedures.

  1. To ensure safety, the driver must be totally in charge. Students must respond promptly when instructions are given. 
  1. Students are asked to be quiet when the bus stops at railroad tracks.
  1. Animals, oversized objects, glass containers, or any inappropriate materials (i.e. tobacco and related material, alcohol, and other prohibited items) are not allowed on the bus, as designated by School Board Policy.
  1. Students must observe classroom and school-wide expectations as covered by the Student Handbook.  Ordinary conversation is permitted.  Horseplay, unruly behavior, fighting, abusive and obscene language or gestures are unacceptable.  Kicking, hitting, pushing, spitting, yelling or screaming, littering or other inappropriate behaviors are forbidden on the bus, just as they are at school or on the school grounds.
  1. Students must keep feet, backpacks, book bags and other items within the seating areas at all times.  As much as possible, the aisles and stairwell must be clear of items and objects at all times.
  1. All body parts must be kept inside the bus window at all times.
  1. Students must remain seated in the same seat until they are dropped off at their bus stops.  Moving about the bus while it is in motion is unsafe and unacceptable.  A student must move out of a seat promptly if requested to do so by the driver or monitor.
  1. Students will use the emergency door only in cases of emergency.
  1. If a student causes damage to the bus, parents will be expected to pay for that damage.
  1. Regular schedules must be observed. The bus will not wait for tardy students. Students must be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up time.
  1. Students should get on and off the bus only at their designated stops.
  1. Failure to follow these rules may result in a range of consequences up to and including suspension from transportation.
  • Cameras have been installed and are utilized to maintain order and safety on our buses.


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