Technology Orientation

  • Techdesk
    • All requests for service
    • Questions about use or applications
    • Informational items about strange behavior (repeated)
    • If your computer is in such a state that you cannot use it, submit a ticket on another computer (e.g. another teacher’s, lab computer)
  • Infinite Campus for attendance, gradebook, etc.
  • Teacher Resources on the school website
  • \\fileserver
    • Best practice: save all files to your server folder
    • My Documents: for volatile files or items to work on at home
    • Only the file server files are backed up
  • Email accessible online
    • Synchronizes with Outlook on your laptop
    • Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, etc.
  • Securing
    • NEVER provide your password to others
    • If you leave your laptop unattended, lock it (Windows + L) to ensure students are not able to gain access
    • NEVER allow students to use your laptop without direct supervision
  • Installing Software
    • Allowed to install standard free software (e.g. iTunes, QuickTime, Skype, etc.)
    • Allowed to install purchased software with valid license (e.g. Quicken, textbook software, etc.)
    • Discouraged from installing toolbars or other *promo* software that is often an option in downloaded installs.  These tend to slow computers and create more issues than they are worth.
    • Discouraged from installing background apps that are constantly on and consuming resources. (e.g. Weatherbug)
  • Battery care
    • Drain the battery to below 10% approximately once each week
    • Do not leave the laptop plugged in constantly
  • Remote support
    • Occasionally members of the technology department may remotely control your computer to service tickets or complete scheduled maintenance
    • If you see a box appear on your screen indicating such activity, please do not close it.  The box will identify who is working on your machine
  • Acceptable use
    • Teachers are welcome to connect to home networks
    • There is a board policy identifying acceptable use of the computer as a district resource.

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