Infinite Campus – Semester Grades

Here is a brief description of how to enter and submit your Semester Grades: (Make sure you are in the correct class, if you teach multiples)

These instructions are based on a 1st semester time frame. If you are working on 2nd Semester, you will have to adjust accordingly. (Quarters will be 3 and 4 instead of 1 and 2)

  1. Index – Choose Instruction
    1. Choose Admin
      1. Choose Composite Grading
        1. Choose 2nd Quarter Semester from the menu
          1. Give 1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, and Final Exam an appropriate Weight (1st Q 50%, 2nd Q 50% Etc.)
            1. If you are not giving a Final Exam, leave that location blank
            2. Save
    2. If you are giving a Final Exam: (Omit if you are not giving an exam)
      1. Choose Assignments from the Index menu
        1. Edit Category
        2. Create Category
          1. Name the Category Final Exam
          2. Give the Category a Weight of 100
          3. Choose the appropriate sections
          4. Choose Final Exam
          5. Save
      2. Open Gradebook – Leave Term 2Q – Task – Choose 2nd Quarter Final Exam (Omit if you are not giving an exam)
        1. Choose (+Add)
          1. Name the Assignment – Final Exam
            1. Put in Grading Task – Final Exam
            2. Save
              1. Enter Grades
              2. Post Grades and Save
  2. Within Gradebook (this will allow you to see 1st and 2nd quarter next to each other. You must complete the above directions before these will be visible)
    1. Leave Term 2Q and change the task to Semester
      1. Choose Post
      2. Save

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