Office 2013 – Installing Office on Your Machine

These directions aren’t actually for Office 365 (cloud version) but they will help you install Office 2013 which allows you to use Office 365 from within it.

To install the latest version of Office on your machine:

Click on the Start menu.   StartButton

Copy and paste the following in the search bar SearchBar  to access the installer from the file server (Note: you MUST be in the district to access this.)

\\fileserver\Application Installs\office 13\setup.exe

At the top of the box you will see a square orange icon next to the word “setup”.

Click on “setup” to install it. Select “Yes” when it asks you if you want the program to make changes to your computer.

Select Install Now. Wait for Office 2013 to install. (It takes awhile. Be patient.)

After installation, a dialog box will pop up that asks if you want to “Complete your Office experience”. Click “Continue Online” to set up your online account.

If you see a yellow outlined box at the bottom with the option to enable the Microsoft SkyDrive Pro Browser Helper add-on, click “enable”.

From the browser, open the Word application. In the upper right corner click the “Sign in” box officesignin

You will be prompted to type in your (school) email address.

Next  type in your username and password.

You should be connected to your Office 365 account.

You can access Office applications either online ( or from your Programs list on your computer.



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