Infinite Campus – Health Conditions Report (for teachers)

Teachers, you may access a health report for all students with whom you work.  This may not be true for coaches or aids, but if you are scheduled as a teacher for a student in Infinite Campus, you will be able to view any health concerns entered. To generate the report:

  1. Log into Infinite Campus
  2. Click on the button shown in this image.
  3. Click on Campus Tools (You may already be in Campus Tools if your only option is Campus Instruction.)
  4. Expand Ad Hoc Reporting and select Data Export
  5. Expand Teacher
  6. Select student Health Conditions Report
  7. Select PDF report under Format options
  8. Ignore the Print Options
  9. Export
  10. Save
  11. Open the downloaded file
  12. Save As if you wish to save to a location other than your Downloads folder. NOTE: this file is static and may become obsolete.  You may execute this sequence at any time for a current listing.


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