Zaption LogoCreate interactive video lessons by annotating existing video using Zaption ( You can embed HOT (higher order thinking) questions right into the video for students to answer, comment, blog. You can add videos from:

Your PC, YouTube, Vimeo, PBS, National Geographic, TED, Discovery, NASA, Edutopia, VSauce, Crash Course, SciSho, CGP Grey.

Zaption01Once you select the video, drag text or interactive media to any point in the video. (Text slide, Image slide, Drawing, Open Response, Multiple Choice, Check Box)

The video will pause at the point you insert the media. Students can respond, submit their response and then proceed with the video. The video will not play until the response has been submitted. (The green arrow points to the question section. You can also choose to show the question directly over the middle of the video.) You view the analytics to see the answers along with other data regarding the amount of time spent viewing the video. This might be a good resource for flip teaching.



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