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Kahoot!(https://create.kahoot.it) is an online timed, game-based response system that allows you to involve students in questioning, discussing and polling.

Create your account and sign in. The first screen gives you EASY directions (pictures…simple…what a concept!) to create your first Kahoot.




Okay, okay…if you don’t want to dive right in (ya big chicken), you can watch the intro quiz or find a public Kahoot. Click on the “Watch intro video” icon at the top.





You’ll need to decide if you want to create a Quiz (multiple choice quiz with points), Discussion (opinion gather, debate, free-form answers) or Survey (opinion gathering).

Create your questions and answers by following the prompts (easy!) Be sure to set the number of points and time limit.

Here’s an example of the screen your students will see.






Suggestions for Classroom Use:

  • Game style review for tests/quizzes
  • Have students create Kahoots to share with others
  • Identify characters in a novel based on quotations
  • Insert photos/drawings/paintings and quiz students for identification

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