1. Some students have incorrect emails or no email addresses in IC. Many parents will not correct it in the portal. If a teacher has correct email addresses where should they be sent for correction?

OCE – send to Cathy Van Es
HES – send to Jen Schipper
MS – send to Tamie Van Es
HS – send to Laura Zommermaand

2. How to send one message to multiple classes

Go into Messenger in Campus Instruction Beta (not Campus Tools) > Message Center (top selection)
Click on “New” and select the type of message you want (make all other selections you want on this screen)
Select “Next” at the bottom.
Click the expansion arrow next to whichever Term you’re in
Select the sections you want to receive your message
Be sure to check the recipients at the bottom (Guardians or Students)

3. How to complete midterm grades

See Tech Blog under Infinite Campus section (click here)


4. How to complete semester grades

See Tech Blog under Infinite Campus section (click here)


5. Where are the canned comments located?

At this time there are no canned comments in the system


6. Is there a way to keep a record of sent emails or copy ourselves when sending IC messages? Can we CC ourselves?

Send a test message to yourself before you send to the class


7. Can we print a report for quarterly attendance to write on report cards?  We need how many days they have been absent and how many tardies.

Infinite Campus Beta > Reports (Attendance) > Pull down to Attendance Summary > Click Generate Report


8. Which browser is best to use with Infinite Campus?

It depends…
Use Internet Explorer to print labels (Labels don’t work in Firefox or Chrome AT ALL – the spacing is wonky)
Use Firefox or Chrome to send messages (Message boxes are grayed out in Internet Explorer)


9. To see any kids regardless of section

In Campus Tools access the SEARCH tab (left column) and type in the student’s name

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