Projector: Display Not Showing Correctly

Sometimes when you connect a vga cable (the cable that connects your computer to your projector) you will only see the background of your computer’s desktop. None of the other content is displayed. Here’s how to fix that.

Right click on an open spot of your desktop. (For some of you with icons filling every inch of your desktop this will be a challenge. Yes, you know who you are!)

Click on “Screen resolution” toward the bottom of the menu.

Screen Setting to Duplicate 2nd Display1

When the “Change the appearance of your display” menu pops up, be sure “Duplicate these displays” is selected (NOT “Extend these displays”).

NOTE: If you select “Extend these displays” you basically have two screens for content. You can show the class something on one screen by dragging the box to the right or left so that you drag it onto the second screen. Then, you can work with the box on the other screen that the students can’t see.



Screen Setting to Duplicate 2nd Display2

Posted September 17, 2014 by Sandy Groom-Meeks in category "Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting", "SMARTboard

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