Word – Changing the Defaults (Except Margins)

screaming insane womanDRIVING ME INSANE!! (And some of you will say it’s a short trip, I know.) So, when I open up a Word document and start typing I always have to change the font and the font size and the spacing and and and…. BLECCCHHH! I have to do this EVERY SINGLE TIME. Anybody else having the same insanity? If so, you can change the default template to have it set like you normally use it. Here’s how:

(To see directions on how to change the default MARGINS, click here.)

Open up a new document in Word 2013. Be sure you have the “Home” tab selected. Then, RIGHT CLICK on the “Normal template” (see below).

Word Change Defaults1

Select “Modify”.

Word Change Defaults2

Then choose “Format” at the bottom. From here, you can change any of the defaults you want. (I only change the font, font size and line spacing.)

Word Change Defaults3

If you choose to format “Paragraph” you’ll want to control the line spacing. I change my “Spacing After” to zero and my “Line spacing” to single.

Word Change Defaults4

Click “OK” but don’t close out of it just yet. You’ll want to click the radio button next to “New documents based on this template” so that all your future documents will open with the same defaults. Click “OK” and you’re finished.

Word Change Defaults5

To change the default for margins click here.


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