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Greenshot icon  Greenshot is free screen capture software that is available at your fingertips … immediately. I’ve been on a screen capture hunt and I think I’ve finally found something that is easy to use, intuitive and full of features. In other words, it thinks like I do.

When you install Greenshot you have the option to launch it at startup. I always deselect that because I don’t want to close out of a bunch of software I don’t need right away. Not so with Greenshot. It sits in your system tray and you don’t even see it, until you need it. When you want to grab the screenshot you hit your Fn key along with the PrntScrn key (End..found on the top row of your keyboard) and you’re ready to go.

I became a fan when I was able to get a screenshot of a dropdown list. I became an even bigger fan when I was able to get a screenshot of the Greenshot dropdown list! Usually that stuff disappears when you have to click on your screen capture software. The choices for screen capture are many. I went to the help section to see an explanation of all my choices. (Go here to for help and explanations.) The only difference is that I click on Fn/PrntScrn to get my screen capture. (They describe it differently.)

Not only do I have choices for capturing the screenshot but I have choices for output (where it goes once I have it.) I can send it to my various accounts: Picasa, Flickr, Dropbox. I can also open it directly in my Office 2013 applications. (All of these options are available as choices at the time of installation.) Here’s what the dropdown list looks like:


You can download Greenshot here.

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