Word – Installing a Dictionary

You may not have a Word dictionary after you installed Office 2013. If not, here’s an easy way to get it…plus more stuff for Word.

1. In Word 2013, go to the “Insert” tab. In the middle of the ribbon at the top, click the “My Apps” button.

Word Dictionary Install-01

2.  Choose “Office Store”.

Word Dictionary Install-02

3. In the search box, search for dictionary. (see illustration below)

4. Note: You can use the scroll bar along the right to see all your options. (see illustration below)

5. Choose one that you want and click the “Add” button. (see illustration below)

Word Dictionary Install-03

6. Choose “Trust” at the bottom and your dictionary will be added. You can see all the installed apps on the right. To get rid of the app box view click on the X in the upper right corner.  To see the apps you have installed, select the “Insert” tab and pull down the “My Apps” choice on the ribbon at the top. (see first illustration)

Word Dictionary Install-04

7. You can select other apps to install into Word as you wish. However, if you install a lot of apps it may slow down any actions you perform in Word (saving, printing, editing, etc.) Be a minimalist! (Yup…I could use that philosophy when it comes to the junk in my house…*sigh*)

Word Dictionary Install-05 Clutter

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