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Mapwing01Mapwing is free online sofware that lets you use your photos to create a virtual tour using an interactive map. The free version allows you to have 20 interactive points per map and comment areas. There are also other virtual tours you can “visit”. Explore what others have done and then create your own!

Ideas for tours:

Lenny’s Digestive System – map of the digestive system with photos
Catcher in the Rye map – shows various places described in the book
Anne Frank House – map of the house and photos showing the rooms
Digital Fractions – a map of pie graph fractions accompanied by photos showing the fractions
Famous Dams – US map with photos pinpointing the location of the dams
Zucchini the Ribbon Snake – shows a map of the snake eating a fish and its progression inside the snake
Timeline – create a timeline of events with accompanying photos
Town tour – link photos of your town with a Google map

This is Zucchini the Ribbon Snake and what he (she????) looks like swallowing that fish. (BLECHH… but kids will like it!)



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