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TubeOfflineLogoBefore you even START reading directions for how to harvest online video, please read some information regarding Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video. You must have very specific REASONS for harvesting video, creating mashups, etc. etc. (Okay, seriously, at least click on the link so you have an idea that there IS such a thing as Fair Use. )

Now, with good conscience and confidence that you know everything possible regarding Fair Use, I’ll proceed with this oh-so-cool web 2.0 tool.

Open the video (website) you want to download. (This could be on YouTube or some other site.)

Copy the URL (web address) of the video

Go to:

The TubeOffline site automatically assumes you’re downloading a YouTube video. If so, paste the URL in the appropriate box and click “Get Video.” Read further down if you are NOT on YouTube but some other site. (Hint: you can usually tell what site you’re in by the first part of the web address.)

TubeOffline01PATIENT! It make take 15-20 minutes to download.

If you’re downloading a video from another site, scroll down the page and find the name of the site you’re using. (They’re listed alphabetically.) Click to open the site.


Paste the URL of the video you want to download. You may be warned that it could contain a virus. (If you’re downloading an educational video from a reputable site this should not be a problem.) You may also get a notice that you need to install Java. Go ahead and click “Run”. Then click “Get video”.



BE PATIENT! It may take 15-20 minutes to download your video. You can store your videos in OneDrive if you want to be sure to have them in case of a computer crash. You should now be able to play your videos using Windows Media Player.

Ideas for Use:
Download to use videos later
Download in order to cut or create a mashup
Download to create short video clips
STUDENTS can download video to create their own mashups as commentaries, explanations, etc.


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