To Save…or Not to Save….Passwords, That is

SavePassword01Many times you’re presented with the option to save your password. You may be concerned about whether or not you should do this. In my opinion, (and we all know I share that…nay, foist that… on people) saving your password is perfectly acceptable IF the following conditions are true:

1. You’re the primary user of your computer (school laptop, specifically).

2. You LOCK your computer screen EVERY SINGLE TIME you leave it unattended (hold down the Windows key and then tap the l key). SavePassword03


Having said that, even if you don’t save passwords, LOCK your computer screen when you leave it unattended…always…always… always.

Uhmmm… let me repeat….

LOCK your computer screen when you leave it unattended!

(*lowering voice and stepping down off soapbox*)

Posted November 19, 2014 by Sandy Groom-Meeks in category "Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting", "Recommendations", "Stuff I Just Wanna Know

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