PowerPoint, Please….Said No Student Ever


DPowerPointPlease-chokeon’t be the cause of Death by PowerPoint! You know… that presentation that drones on forever so that you want to stick a pencil in your ear and keep pushing? There’s nothing like the boredom of a poorly executed PowerPoint. In fact, PowerPoint has been done so much and so often that it’s a supreme challenge to conjure up any enthusiasm for sitting through one, even a good one. Okay, SmartyPants, what’s the alternative? I’m glad you asked!! Here’s a list….of FREEBIES!!


PowerPointPlease-PowToon PowToon (my current fav!) – animated, fun, EASY, includes music. Here’s one I did to highlight some tech here at school: MOC-FV Tech

PowerPointPlease-HaikuDeckHaiku Deck – nice graphics! You can search for graphics based on key words in your presentation. There’s an iPad app, too!

PowerPointPlease-PhotoshowPhotoShow – turn photos into a presentation along with music and animation

PowerPointPlease-AnimotoAnimoto – add photos, videos and text to create a 30 second video using an Animoto template

PowerPointPlease-Swipe  Swipe – add ANY type of file/document, etc. – Use ANY device to give the presentation – ease of use is its best feature

PowerPointPlease-Prezi  Prezi –  create a map of text, images, etc. (I’m not a fan of Prezi but many are. It makes me dizzy. I’m told that’s because I’m old. Meh…)

There are many others but these PowerPoint alternatives give a different look and/or features so that they aren’t just PowerPoint clones.


Some Ideas for Use:

  • Document a class project with photos and show in a presentation
  • Record class events and make the information available to parents
  • Flip a lesson and use one of the above tools to present information to students outside of class (You can flip a lesson without having to flip a whole classroom)
  • Have students create a step-by-step tutorial – leverage their skills in helping you teach a lesson
  • Book Trailers – summarize books or stories using presentation software


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