Edshelf – The Last Tool You’ll Ever Need … Kinda

edshelf-logo-on-green If you’re looking for a technology tool but you don’t really know what you want, Edshelf is the place to start. (https://edshelf.com) It’s basically a search engine for technology tools. There’s no need to login (although you can make it more of a social experience if you do) and you can really narrow your search. The beauty doesn’t stop there. When you choose a tool to review you’re presented with a short video, written description, pricing (and any restrictions) and user reviews. It’s definitely a major tool in my tech arsenal! It’s pretty self explanatory but here are some screen shots for those of you who are curious.

This is what you’ll see when you get to the Edshelf website. There’s no need to create an account if you just want fast searching. Simply click the search button.


When you click the search button you’re presented with options. At a minimum, you’ll want to select “Tools”, “Platform” and type in one or several key words. You can edshelf-2-searchnarrow your search by selecting any of the other filters. When you do this your choices will narrow down. If your selections don’t return any results you’ll want to broaden the search a bit by de-selecting some of the options.

One thing I noticed was that it took some time to generate search results after I selected multiple filters. The wait was certainly worth it, though.

Try Edshelf the next time you want a spiffy (“awesome” is so overused) new tech tool to use with a lesson.


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