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pdf  Any document you post online or email to parents should be in the form of a PDF. A PDF allows a document to be seen exactly as you intend. It won’t show up all whacked out on another person’s computer because they don’t have the right font or paragraph settings, etc. PDFs are universal in that everyone has the ability to open it. (Adobe Reader or similar pdf readers are free and usually installed on computers.) So, how do you create a PDF from a Word document?

Save your finished Word document as you normally would so you can edit it if necessary. Then create the PDF by clicking on “File”. Choose “Export” from the column on the left. Then click the “Create PDF/XPS” button. (See below.)

export as pdf


When prompted to save, click the “Desktop” on the left, name your document in the “File Name” field, and choose “Publish”. (See below.)

export as pdf 2

Use the PDF to upload to your website or email to parents.

If you need to modify the document you will modify the Word doc and then save a new PDF. You will need to replace the previous PDF. You are not able to edit the PDF you created.

Easy peasy! Go eat a cookie.

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