End of Semester Grading

End of Semester Grading Procedures:

  • Go to Settings
    1. Click on “Categories”
    2. Do the following:
  • Add “Semester Test” as a Category
  • Weight: 100%
  • Sequence: 0
  • Click on the sections that this will apply to
  • Scroll down and check the box for “Final Exam”
  • Then go to Assignment List
    1. Add a Semester Test assignment like you do every other assignment
    2. Except: Click on “final exam” instead of quarter
    3. Here is where you put in how many points the semester test is worth
  • Weighting the Quarters and your Semester Test
    1. Settings / Grade Calc Options
    2. Click on “Show All”
    3. Scroll down & check the box by “semester”
      • Click “Add”
      • Put in your weights for each of the quarters and the Sem. Test
    4. Will need to do this for each section individually – it does not copy over for each section.
  • Last Step – Go back to the Gradebook
    1. Click on Post
    2. Instead of “Quarter”; Click on “Semester”
    3. Save
    4. This allows you to see 1st Qu, 2nd Qu, and Sem. Exam next to each other. (Might want to print this for your records).
  • To Print:
    1. Go to Reports (Gradebook) > Section Summary
    2. ExpandAll & Unclick 3rd Quarter
    3. Print only what you want


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