Reclaiming Storage on Your iPad

If you’re running low on storage space on your iPhone or iPad, you may think you just have too many apps installed, or that your music collection is getting out of hand. But that may not be the case entirely. Instead, there might be a heap of hidden files that are taking up space on your iOS device. They’re not as easy to get rid of like apps are, but there are ways to free up this space.

Checking your “Other” space on an iPad or iPhone

Though there is no direct way to see “Other” space in iOS, you can get a rough idea by looking at general space usage stats. Open Settings, go to General, then go to Usage, then Manage Usage.


Every App which has data will be listed here. For example, a game which stores all the game plays and backups, a video app which stores videos synced across from iTunes, a magazine app which stores issues of the magazine. Examine each of the apps to determine where you can delete some of the data.  An App on its own may not take up that much storage space on your iPhone or iPad. Apps are usually fairly small, but with continuous usage some of them will expand to fairly large sizes due to local caches, saved games, components, and whatever else they decide to keep around.


Many apps have data which can be deleted to free up “Other”.

Delete and Reinstall Apps with Bloated Data

Apps may need to be deleted and then reinstalled. Keep in mind that deleting apps and reinstalling them this way may cause you to lose local data, be it saved games, saved app caches, and certain app specific data and files, so you wouldn’t want to do this with apps that have locally stored data that is important to you.

Delete the Browser Cache

If you’ve had your device for a long time and have never emptied the browser cache then there is a good chance that this will delete a large portion of the “Other” space. You can delete this cache by going to Settings -> Safari and tapping the Clear History and Website Data button. This may also result in a speed boost on your device if you have never deleted your browser cache before. This deleted 1.5 Gb from my iPad.


Delete Safari browser cache – history, website data and cookies.

Delete Photos

You can delete one photo by opening the “Photos” app, click on the “Photos” icon at the bottom, open a photo and click the “Trash” icon.


To delete multiple photos, open the “Photos” app, click on the “Albums” icon at the bottom, click the album that contains the photos you want to delete, choose “Select” in the upper right corner. Select the photos you want to delete (they’ll have a blue check mark if you’ve selected them) and click the “Trash” icon. If you want to immediately and permanently erase pictures on iOS 9, you should go to Albums > Recently Deleted, to permanently remove them after deleting. (The photos you recently deleted on iOS 9 will be stored for 30 days before permanently being removed.


Posted April 5, 2016 by Sandy Groom-Meeks in category "iPad