Infinite Campus Behavior Referral



To make a behavior referral, follow these steps within Infinite Campus:






Campus Tools
Behavior Management
Fill in title with brief description of what occurred. For example: Disruptive Behavior, Excessive Tardies, etc.
Click on Add Event/Participant
Choose Event Type from drop down list
Type part of student’s last name and click search, select student
In the details box, enter a more detailed description of what the student did wrong.
Add another participant if another student was involved.
Click on Add Resolution
Choose Resolution Type from drop down list
If detention is chosen, fill in the boxes with the length of detention.
In the details box, describe what the student’s consequence will be.
Click the check box in front of the student that the resolution applies to.
You may add more than one consequence by clicking on Add Resolution again. Sometimes there is more than one such as detention and loss of privileges.
Click Save
Click Save again, this time the green b ox toward the top that is next to Delete and New.

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