The Noun Project: Free Icons!


Need some graphics for a poster or presentation?

Noun Project ( has them…tons of them!



How can you use them?
Illustrate instructions.
Put them into your presentations.
Use them for storytelling.
Add images to flashcards.
Use as manipulatives.

In order to get them for free, you must agree to give credit to the creator. The attribution is already embedded in the image. (See images below.)

If you use the snipping tool to remove the attribution, just give credit somewhere else in your presentation/document, etc.




dutch girl






Want more info?

To-Do Lists

todoThese To-Do apps sync between all your devices.

Just pick the “flavor” you like.





Here’s what Microsoft To-Do looks like:

Get Microsoft To-Do
iPhone, Android, Windows and web





Here’s what Google Keep looks like:


Get Google Keep
Online: Login to your Google account.
Pull down the App Launcher (nine squares in the upper right)
Select “More” at the bottom.
Click on “Keep”.

Android, iPhone, Windows and Macs

WriQ – Rubric Add-On for Google Docs

WriQWriQ is a Google Docs add-on that helps teachers score and keep track of students’ spelling, punctuation and grammar. It can auto-score your documents. It’s similar to Orange Slice but has more features as far as WRITING. Orange Slice has a stronger RUBRIC side.

Here’s a YouTube video demo:


Chrome Music Lab


Chrome Music Lab is a collection of experiments that explore how music works.

Design and create your own music in these various areas:

Rhythm, Spectogram, Chords, Sound Wave, Arpeggios, Kandinsky, Melody Maker, Voice Spinner, Harmonics, Piano Roll, Oscillator, Strings

Spiral – Formative Assessment Suite

Whetspiral logoher it’s a “Quickfire” or “Clip”, create your choice of formative assessments using this suite of tools. All of it’s free. Totally. You can upload a PowerPoint or Google Slide and have students answer questions during the presentation. They can watch and respond to questions in a YouTube video. Browse the lists of public activities that have been created and shared. Feel free NOT to reinvent the wheel. All of it is fast, easy and hassle-free. Oh, and best of all, it syncs with Google Classroom!




SafeShare – Showing Videos Without Distractions allows you to show YouTube or Vimeo videos without any ads or comments to distract students. It’s easy and free to use.

First, open your YouTube or Vimeo video and copy the URL (web address). To do this, highlight the address and press ctrl+C (or right click and copy).

Next, open a new tab in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.) and go to the site ( Paste (ctrl+V or right click and paste) the YouTube or Vimeo link in the Link field. safeshare2

Click “Generate Safe Link”. Finally, click the blue “Save” button and your video automatically opens in a “safeshare” window without any distractions. Press the “Dim Lights” button to surround the video in black. Copy the safeshare link at the bottom to share with others. Here’s a look at the final result (click the image to go to the actual site):





Edshelf – The Last Tool You’ll Ever Need … Kinda

edshelf-logo-on-green If you’re looking for a technology tool but you don’t really know what you want, Edshelf is the place to start. ( It’s basically a search engine for technology tools. There’s no need to login (although you can make it more of a social experience if you do) and you can really narrow your search. The beauty doesn’t stop there. When you choose a tool to review you’re presented with a short video, written description, pricing (and any restrictions) and user reviews. It’s definitely a major tool in my tech arsenal! It’s pretty self explanatory but here are some screen shots for those of you who are curious.

This is what you’ll see when you get to the Edshelf website. There’s no need to create an account if you just want fast searching. Simply click the search button.


When you click the search button you’re presented with options. At a minimum, you’ll want to select “Tools”, “Platform” and type in one or several key words. You can edshelf-2-searchnarrow your search by selecting any of the other filters. When you do this your choices will narrow down. If your selections don’t return any results you’ll want to broaden the search a bit by de-selecting some of the options.

One thing I noticed was that it took some time to generate search results after I selected multiple filters. The wait was certainly worth it, though.

Try Edshelf the next time you want a spiffy (“awesome” is so overused) new tech tool to use with a lesson.