Infinite Campus Behavior Referral



To make a behavior referral, follow these steps within Infinite Campus:






Campus Tools
Behavior Management
Fill in title with brief description of what occurred. For example: Disruptive Behavior, Excessive Tardies, etc.
Click on Add Event/Participant
Choose Event Type from drop down list
Type part of student’s last name and click search, select student
In the details box, enter a more detailed description of what the student did wrong.
Add another participant if another student was involved.
Click on Add Resolution
Choose Resolution Type from drop down list
If detention is chosen, fill in the boxes with the length of detention.
In the details box, describe what the student’s consequence will be.
Click the check box in front of the student that the resolution applies to.
You may add more than one consequence by clicking on Add Resolution again. Sometimes there is more than one such as detention and loss of privileges.
Click Save
Click Save again, this time the green b ox toward the top that is next to Delete and New.

End of Semester Grading

End of Semester Grading Procedures:

  • Go to Settings
    1. Click on “Categories”
    2. Do the following:
  • Add “Semester Test” as a Category
  • Weight: 100%
  • Sequence: 0
  • Click on the sections that this will apply to
  • Scroll down and check the box for “Final Exam”
  • Then go to Assignment List
    1. Add a Semester Test assignment like you do every other assignment
    2. Except: Click on “final exam” instead of quarter
    3. Here is where you put in how many points the semester test is worth
  • Weighting the Quarters and your Semester Test
    1. Settings / Grade Calc Options
    2. Click on “Show All”
    3. Scroll down & check the box by “semester”
      • Click “Add”
      • Put in your weights for each of the quarters and the Sem. Test
    4. Will need to do this for each section individually – it does not copy over for each section.
  • Last Step – Go back to the Gradebook
    1. Click on Post
    2. Instead of “Quarter”; Click on “Semester”
    3. Save
    4. This allows you to see 1st Qu, 2nd Qu, and Sem. Exam next to each other. (Might want to print this for your records).
  • To Print:
    1. Go to Reports (Gradebook) > Section Summary
    2. ExpandAll & Unclick 3rd Quarter
    3. Print only what you want


Infinite Campus – Sending Messages

Open either Mozilla Firefox or Chrome. (Sending messages does NOT work in Internet Explorer.)

Login to Infinite Campus. Be sure you’re in “Campus Instruction” not Campus Tools”. (It will say “Campus Instruction” in the left portion of the green bar at the top.)

Click “New”.

IC-Message 01


Select what type of message (class, grades, missing assignments), where it’s sent (user’s IC Inbox or Email or both), any change of date/time.

IC-Message 02

Click “Next”

Select who receives the message (see below)

IC-Message 03a

Type in your subject and message.

IC-Message 04

Clicking “Next” on this screen SENDS THE MESSAGE.




1. Some students have incorrect emails or no email addresses in IC. Many parents will not correct it in the portal. If a teacher has correct email addresses where should they be sent for correction?

OCE – send to Cathy Van Es
HES – send to Jen Schipper
MS – send to Tamie Van Es
HS – send to Laura Zommermaand

2. How to send one message to multiple classes

Go into Messenger in Campus Instruction Beta (not Campus Tools) > Message Center (top selection)
Click on “New” and select the type of message you want (make all other selections you want on this screen)
Select “Next” at the bottom.
Click the expansion arrow next to whichever Term you’re in
Select the sections you want to receive your message
Be sure to check the recipients at the bottom (Guardians or Students)

3. How to complete midterm grades

See Tech Blog under Infinite Campus section (click here)


4. How to complete semester grades

See Tech Blog under Infinite Campus section (click here)


5. Where are the canned comments located?

At this time there are no canned comments in the system


6. Is there a way to keep a record of sent emails or copy ourselves when sending IC messages? Can we CC ourselves?

Send a test message to yourself before you send to the class


7. Can we print a report for quarterly attendance to write on report cards?  We need how many days they have been absent and how many tardies.

Infinite Campus Beta > Reports (Attendance) > Pull down to Attendance Summary > Click Generate Report


8. Which browser is best to use with Infinite Campus?

It depends…
Use Internet Explorer to print labels (Labels don’t work in Firefox or Chrome AT ALL – the spacing is wonky)
Use Firefox or Chrome to send messages (Message boxes are grayed out in Internet Explorer)


9. To see any kids regardless of section

In Campus Tools access the SEARCH tab (left column) and type in the student’s name

Infinite Campus – Health Conditions Report (for teachers)

Teachers, you may access a health report for all students with whom you work.  This may not be true for coaches or aids, but if you are scheduled as a teacher for a student in Infinite Campus, you will be able to view any health concerns entered. To generate the report:

  1. Log into Infinite Campus
  2. Click on the button shown in this image.
  3. Click on Campus Tools (You may already be in Campus Tools if your only option is Campus Instruction.)
  4. Expand Ad Hoc Reporting and select Data Export
  5. Expand Teacher
  6. Select student Health Conditions Report
  7. Select PDF report under Format options
  8. Ignore the Print Options
  9. Export
  10. Save
  11. Open the downloaded file
  12. Save As if you wish to save to a location other than your Downloads folder. NOTE: this file is static and may become obsolete.  You may execute this sequence at any time for a current listing.


Infinite Campus – Semester Grades

Here is a brief description of how to enter and submit your Semester Grades: (Make sure you are in the correct class, if you teach multiples)

These instructions are based on a 1st semester time frame. If you are working on 2nd Semester, you will have to adjust accordingly. (Quarters will be 3 and 4 instead of 1 and 2)

  1. Index – Choose Instruction
    1. Choose Admin
      1. Choose Composite Grading
        1. Choose 2nd Quarter Semester from the menu
          1. Give 1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, and Final Exam an appropriate Weight (1st Q 50%, 2nd Q 50% Etc.)
            1. If you are not giving a Final Exam, leave that location blank
            2. Save
    2. If you are giving a Final Exam: (Omit if you are not giving an exam)
      1. Choose Assignments from the Index menu
        1. Edit Category
        2. Create Category
          1. Name the Category Final Exam
          2. Give the Category a Weight of 100
          3. Choose the appropriate sections
          4. Choose Final Exam
          5. Save
      2. Open Gradebook – Leave Term 2Q – Task – Choose 2nd Quarter Final Exam (Omit if you are not giving an exam)
        1. Choose (+Add)
          1. Name the Assignment – Final Exam
            1. Put in Grading Task – Final Exam
            2. Save
              1. Enter Grades
              2. Post Grades and Save
  2. Within Gradebook (this will allow you to see 1st and 2nd quarter next to each other. You must complete the above directions before these will be visible)
    1. Leave Term 2Q and change the task to Semester
      1. Choose Post
      2. Save

Infinite Campus – Grade Book Issue

Teachers, if you are having issues with certain grade books displaying, it might be a bug in Firefox causing the issue. Please follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

  1. Open Firefox
  2. Click on the Firefox menu -> History -> Clear Recent History…
  3. clear
  4. Expand the Details section by clicking the arrow next to Details
  5. details
  6. Make sure the boxes next to Cookies and Cache are selected. Also make sure the dropdown is set to Everything.
  7. check
  8. Click Clear Now at the bottom and wait for it to finish.
  9. Finally, close Firefox and reopen it and your Grade Book (Beta) should display normally again.