Remove “News Forum”

News ForumHere’s how to remove “News Forum” from showing at the top of your course page.

Login to Moodle and open the course that you want to edit.

1. Go to “Course Admin”.
2. Click on “Edit Settings”.
3. Expand “Appearance” by clicking on the down arrow beside it.
4. Set “News Items to Show” at 0 (zero).
5. Save. That’s it. No more News Forum at the top of your course.

Remove Forum from Moodle

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Moodle – Adding Video from YouTube

When you find a YouTube video you want to embed into Moodle follow these steps:

Select “Share” under the video.

Then choose “Embed”

Highlight and copy the code you see in the box below “Embed.” (Keep this tab open as you’ll need to copy the URL later.)

Moodle-embed youtube video


Open a new tab in your browser and go to your Moodle course. Go to the topic you want. Click “Add an Activity or Resource.”

Scroll to the bottom of the window that pops up and click the radio button next to “URL.” Click “Add.”

Name your video. (See illustration below.)

Click on the first icon in the Description box (see below) to expand your selection.

Click on the double arrows < > to toggle to html (You don’t need to know html. You’ll just paste in the code.)

Next, paste in the code in the box below the description icons (see illustration.)

Check the box next to “Display description on course page.”

moodle-embed youtube video 2


Now go back to your YouTube page and copy the URL of the video from the top URL bar. (This will be at the top of your browser, not underneath the YouTube video.)

moodle-embed youtube video 3



Click the drop down arrow next to “Content” and paste the URL into the “External URL” box.

Click the drop down arrow next to “Appearance” and choose “Embed” next to the “Display” field.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom and choose “Save and Return to Course” when you’re finished.

moodle-embed youtube video 4

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Enrollment Key – How do I set it?

To Edit an enrollment key in a Moodle course,

  1. Log into Moodle
  2. Click on the Course
  3. Users (in the Administration panel under Course administration)
  4. Enrollment methods
  5. Find “Self enrolment (Student) and click on the gear under the Edit heading. If you hover over the gear, the context menu will show “Edit”
  6. Suggested settings (based on Bundt’s experiences)
    1. Set the Enrolment key if you wish to require a key for students to enroll.
    2. Do NOT set Start date or End date — they have only caused problems in the past.
    3. Set the Unenrol inactive after to a value from 90 days to 150 days.  This will clean out old enrolments automatically for students who have not accessed the course for that period of time.
  7. Save Changes and you are done.

If you wish to remove the enrollment key, simply clear the text of the Enrolment key in step 6(a).

You will need to repeat the process for each course.

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