Photo Processing

It seems like there are countless places to develop photos today, ranging from Wal-Mart Kiosks to online vendors.  While developing photos for our online photo sales, I’ve experimented with many of these options and have found my absolute, hands-down favorite developer.

MPIX ( is a sub-company of Miller Labs, which has been a well-known professional developing company for years – long before digital cameras were around.  MPIX has a human manually color correct every photo that they process!  Most online companies use automatic computer correction, which can do awful things to a perfectly good photo.  The color and exposure in MPIX prints are amazing!  You will pay a bit more for a 4×6 print, but it is well worth it.  And, their 5×7 and 8×10 are lower than many of their competitors.

MPIX also has a great, flat-rate shipping model.  No matter what the size of your order, you pay the same amount for printing.  Standard (USPS) shipping is $5.95 for every order.  Next day shipping is $10.95.  If you place an order by 11:30 AM, MPIX usually ships the same day.  Even with standard shipping, my orders typically arrive within 2 business days.

MPIX also does a great job of packaging their photos.  Other vendors use flimsy envelopes that are prone to damage during transport.  MPIX uses solidly constructed boxes and wraps the different size photos in their own envelopes with padding between.  I have never had any photos damaged in transport.  They even shipping 20×30 prints perfectly flat in a solid box!

Finally, MPIX has some nice finishing options, including a metallic paper type that produces incredibly vivid colors.  They also offer mattes and frames for any photos they develop.

Check them out with your next photo order and let me know what you think.