Creating Shortcuts

If you need to create shortcuts to ANY of the programs in your All Programs list, follow the directions below but substitute whichever program you want. The directions  below are specific to Microsoft Office 2013 but the process will work for all your programs.

From your computer desktop, click on Start  StartButton

Click on “All Programs” and scroll down until you see the Microsoft Office 2013 folder. Click on it to expand the folder to see all the programs within it.

Decide which program you want to create your shortcut for (Outlook, Word, etc.). RIGHT CLICK on that program. You now have choices for shortcuts. You will probably want to select one (or several) of the following choices:

1.  Pin to Taskbar – Your shortcut icon will show up in the bottom blue bar of your desktop (near the Start button).

2. Pin to Start Menu – Your shortcut icon will show toward the top of your menu when you click your Start button.

3. Send to > Desktop – Your shortcut icon will show on your desktop.


NOTE: When you create a shortcut to one of the Office 2013 programs for the first time it may go through a short installation process. You don’t need to do anything except be patient and let it run.

To create multiple shortcuts in the various places just repeat the process and choose one of the other selections.

This works for ALL PROGRAMS in your menu. This is not specific to just Office 2013.


Creating/Editing Your Teacher Webpage

To edit your teacher webpage:

Go to the MOC-FV homepage and select “Resources”, click on “Teacher” and then “Teacher Webpage” (see illustration below)


Login with your school username and password.

Follow the colored links at the top of the page to edit the areas you wish.

Be sure to READ the directions on “Welcome Message” to successfully upload your photo.

To resize your photo:

Put a copy of the photo you want to use on your desktop.

Right click on your photo and select “Open With” and then select “choose default program”



Select the Paint program. (You may have to browse for it if you don’t see it in the list.)

Before clicking “OK” decide if you want the Paint program to always open that type of file. Check or uncheck the box “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” based on what you decide.



When Paint opens your photo select the “Resize” option in the upper right corner of the Paint window.



You want the dimensions of your photo to be a maximum of 320 pixels wide or high. Click the radio button next to “pixels” and make sure “maintain aspect ratio” is selected.



Referring to the illustration above, I would change the vertical dimension to 320 since that is the larger number (longer side). Once that is changed, click “OK”. Your photo is now resized. DO NOT JUST CLICK SAVE!!!! (It will change the dimensions of your original photo!)

Click the DropDown arrow next to the upper left icon in the Paint program (see illustration below) and select “Save As”



Name your photo. Be sure to choose “jpeg” or “jpg” in the “Save as file type” pull down box and save it to your desktop. (Note: you will not be able to upload a photo unless it is in the jpeg or jpg format.)

To upload your photo:

Go back to your teacher webpage editing and click on the “Choose File” button located on the “Welcome Message” page.

Once you have chosen your photo, click the “Upload New Photo” button.

You should see your new photo. In order to save, click on the “Update Welcome Message” button at the bottom.

Notice that you can also delete your photo (“Delete Photo” button right under your photo.)

Final note: Please be sure all photos are a professional pose. (Nope, no Speedos!!) The best photos are a head/shoulders type.

PowerPoint GAMES

To copy the files to your desktop so you can modify them for your needs do the following:

1. Copy the path (highlight the path and press Ctrl/c) shown below:

\\fileserver\Staff\Shared Files\District\Technology Integration

2. Click the start button. StartButton

3.Click in the “Search programs and files” bar.  SearchBar    Paste in the link you copied from above (Ctrl/v) and press the “Enter” key . This will take you to the Technology Integration folder.

4. Drag the folder to your desktop. A copy will be placed there.


(Copyright note: All files are royalty and copyright free and were taken from websites that encourage sharing.)