The MOC-Floyd Valley Middle School strives to meet the unique needs of the early adolescent. The school staff works as a team to help students understand and adapt to their changing physical and emotional needs. To mastery of skills, is added an emphasis of helping students discover their talent and interest areas.

Self-discovery occurs through a broad ranging cultural and vocational exploratory program. From art, music, and literature to drama, technology, and foreign language, students participate in eighteen different exploratory disciplines during their middle school years. All students participate in the STAR advisory program, designed by staff to help each child build self-esteem and develop healthy relationships with teachers and peers. Sixteen co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are available to middle school students including volleyball, football, basketball, wrestling softball, baseball, track, cheerleading, band, jazz band, orchestra, chorus, Mock Trial, All-school play, Odyssey of the Mind, and My Choice.