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Day 5, February 27, 2017
8th Grade Assignments
Algebra 1
Compare y = 2x + 3
To y = 3x2^x
Assign: Comparison
IOWA CORE: L.8.1, L.8.2, L.8.3, RI.8.2, RI.8.3
OBJECTIVE: Students will analyze how a text makes connections among and distinctions between individuals, ideas, or events.
Spelling pretest wk. 13 (new list)
Finish collecting any Anne Frank essays
Clean out binders (if time)
AF unit wrap up (this to occur at NWC in “Connections to Holocaust” session)
NYTimes OpEd article--Anne Frank is a Syrian Girl
ASSIGNMENT: Complete Step 1 for Tuesday
Current Events
News Bowl
Hamilton vs. Jefferson Student Handout 2 & 3 due Tuesday
Unit 7 Vocabulary Test - record and file
Finish Study Island Diagnostic Test
Study Island Diagnostic Test due Tuesday
Ind. Reading (30 minutes) daily requirement
Section 7-1B
Assign: 2-28 evens
SCI English
correct pretest 18
SCI Literature
no assignment
SCI Math
no assignment
Assignments have not yet been posted for this class.
7th Grade Assignments
Correct and hand in spelling assign. #18
Spelling test #18 (Google Classroom)
Discuss weaknesses of character topics—Feb. character topic is due Thursday—if you have already submitted, make improvements and then resubmit
Assign: Be ready for presentation if you have not given yours (these will continue tomorrow); Feb. character topic due Thurs.
Bell Ringer: weekend update.
Activity: Warm up Question – if the Galapagos islands were never connected to a larger body of land, how did plants and animals get there?
Watch Galapagos Islands video clip with questions, read together page 270. Answer questions with partner.
Homework: Prepare for quiz
Bell Ringer: Review Chapter 13-18 Vocabulary. (RL7.4)
Objective: Build student comprehension through vocabulary building exercises and small group comprehension work.
Go over Chapter 7-12 Essay Tests. (RL7.1 & RL7.2))
Go over Chapter 18 Discussion Questions. (RL7.1)
Chapter 13-18 Vocabulary Study of Quizlet Cards! (RL7.4)
Independent Reading / Book Talks. (IA.1, IA.2, RL7.1, RL7.2)
Assignment: Study for Chapter 13-18 Vocabulary Quiz. Quiz tomorrow!
P. 448 1-14 all
Warm Up Question # 82 – Think-Pair-Share
Review Immune System Unit Vocab
Review Immune System Structures & Purpose
Introduce Control Unit (The Nervous System & The Five Senses)
Begin filling in Control Unit Vocabulary
Review for Immune System Quiz on Tuesday
6th Grade Assignments
spelling test from Friday
how to hand in real world writing
writing workshop--keep working (due Wed by 3:15)
Assignment: writing packet due Wed
WAD Quiz section 5-7
Complete I AM poem and turn in
Assignment: read 1/2 hour, Study Island #7
Worksheet: Writing equations
Study Island #21
Immune System Review Game
Answer Immune System Questions
Review 5 senses
Introduce Nervous System
Start Nervous System Vocab
Assignment: Study for Quiz
Social Studies
Bellringer: Check in vocab.; Go over Roman Republic organizer
Activities: Return/Go over Greece tests; Textbook Reading (234-235); Notes (234-235); Roman Republic wkst. #s 1 and 2, Enter grades
Closure: Review Discussion
Assignment: Finish Notes (234-235); Roman Republic wkst. (#1 and 2); Current Event (Mon.)
Day 6, February 28, 2017
Day 1, March 1, 2017
Day 2, March 2, 2017
Day 3, March 3, 2017