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Day 5, September 26, 2016
8th Grade Assignments
Algebra 1
Section 2-5
13-30 all
Objective: Students will practice knowledge in writing sentences with action and linking verbs(and using ARK strategy to ensure all sentences have capital letters and punctuation , and make sense) using a favorite picture of own choosing.
Lesson: Spelling pretest wk.4
Introduce writing assignment with handout/rubric.
Writing workshop time
Assignment: Writing piece due by end of class on Friday
Return CE’s
Return colony quiz
Check in/go over Ch. 5:3 Study Guide
Preview Ch. 5:4 - write blue heading questions
Read Ch. 5:4 - answering blue heading questions
Ch. 5:4 Study Guide due Tuesday
Colony Map Quiz on Wednesday
I can provide an objective summary of the text
I can analyze the structure of literary and informational texts.
Bell Ringer: Take Time for Ten - book conferences
Check in/Review “Separate Justice” THIEVES Preview
Read “Separate Justice” - pausing to ask article questions & highlight
Complete “Separate Justice” summary graphic organizer
Independent Reading (30 minutes) daily requirement
Section 2-1C
Assign: 8-36 evens
SCI English
correct pretest 4
SCI Literature
vocabulary review 1
SCI Math
review 2
SCIENCE: 1.5 Knows landforms are created through constructive / destructive forces
Leadville Topo map
Missing work / pass back papers/helpers treats
Fall Equinox info
Maps—Use PowerPoint to introduce the section.
Start with slide #69 and go #85
Intro Leadville—students work on this after the time zone quiz
Basic symbols in appendix-p.806
Work time on Leadville map after time zone quiz
Time zones—quiz
Assignment: Study -Ch6 Vocab quiz on Wednesday—vocab sheet &/or Quizlet
7th Grade Assignments
Spelling pretest #5
Writing with Sentence Variety—Google Classroom
Assign: Finish “Writing with Sentence Variety” in Google Classroom; write missed spelling words; Sentences Unit TEST Thursday
choose Iowa Top Five to research and create a map. Introduce My Maps, practice how it is used. Discuss what is expected for this project. Begin research.
Homework: Project is due Friday at 1:15.
Bell Ringer: 1. What text structure is most commonly found in your text books?
Objective: Build reading comprehension through independent practice and summarizing practice.
Independent reading / book talk. (IA.2 & RL7.2)
Book Log Check – In (IA.2) Turn in logs for check.
Apply Previewing strategies to Wolves Handout. (IA.1)
Check it out
Think about what I know about the subject - SCHEMA.
Decide what I need to know. DETERMINING IMPORTANCE
Read Aloud article; verifying structure. (RI7.5)
Partnered completion of graphic organizer. (RI7.5)
Assignment: Complete graphic organizer if not completed in class. Keep reading independently; 4 books need to be completed by the end of the quarter for an A!
Basic pg. 65-67 9-41 odds (not 31)
Average pg. 65-67 9-41 odds (not 31)
Advanced pg. 65-67 9-41 odds (not 31)
Warm Up Question # 17 – Think-Pair-Share
Homework Check-in
Hand back Microscope Unit Tests & Record
Review steps to the Scientific Method – PMWB
Gummi Bear Experiment – Why do we need to do more than one trial?
Bursting Balloons Experiment Lab
Closure – How many variables in an experiment?
Assignments: Plan out Experiment Procedure for Scientific Method Test tomorrow
6th Grade Assignments
spelling pretest--individualized lists
compare and fix--commas in classroom
intro to No Red Ink--commas assignment
Assignment: spelling 3x each, No Red Ink commas due Wed.
Read chapter 17 - Among the Hidden
Begin writing response outline
Assignment: read 1/2 hour, outline due Wednesday
Page 79-80
#'s 9, 10, 16, 17, 28, 29, 32, 33, 41, 42, 54, 55. (will have a littl time in class tomrorrow)
Quiz tomorrow
Assignment: Study Guide (Due Wednesday)
Social Studies
Activities: Complete Stone Ages Study Guide; Hand back corrected papers
Assignment: Complete Study Guide; Current Event (Fri.)
Day 6, September 27, 2016
Day 1, September 28, 2016
Day 2, September 29, 2016
Day 3, September 30, 2016