Middle School Goals
The MOC-Floyd Valley Middle School staff will focus on "Whatever It Takes" professional development ideas and programs to improve student performance. The targeted goal is to improve the student's academic grades by providing assistance for all students through available programs and staff, improving ITBS scores and reviewing item analysis results, and to meet or exceed all Strategic Plan Annual Improvement Goals.
Belief Statements and Core Values
We will show a genuine interest in and sensitivity towards others.
We will work together in partnership - school, families and communities.
Work Ethic
We will demonstrate diligence and perseverance to achieve our personal best.
We will be accountable for our actions and choices both individually and collectively
We will recognize and honor the intrinsic worth of others as well as ourselves while valuing property and belongings
We will expect, strive for and encourage the highest level of achievement
We will consistently reflect honesty and high moral character