Sandy Groom-Meeks
Technology Integrationist
Ph #: (712) 737-4606
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Hello! *grabbing geeky horn rimmed glasses*...

I'm the district technology instructional coach. Instead of a whistle (they took it away...really, I wasn't being obnoxious...) I have a backpack of tech gadgets that I take to various classrooms and work with teachers to integrate technology into their lessons. I work with some of the teachers during their PLC/TEAMS times and occasionally help out in the tech office.

I graduated from South Dakota State University in 19..*mumble, mumble* with a BA in Home Ec/Early Childhood Ed. The following year I became certified in K-8 elementary ed. In 2003, I received my Master of Arts degree in Technology Based Learning through Morningside College.

I have two sons and daughters-in-law and eight grandchildren. I enjoy spending time with my grandkids, buying them the noisiest toys made, and sending them paint, play dough and anything sticky for their birthdays. I have fine tuned the art of infusing them with sugar just before I leave their houses to go home.

I enjoy reading, experimental baking & sewing (which includes active smoke alarms and first-aid kits), binge watching Netflix, and yearning for the latest tech gadget. You can find me on Twitter (@gadgetbum), Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and my front yard flower pots whenever I feel the need to go off grid.

*Go Samsung!* (Samsung's a team, right?)